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Baroque art

Baroque art has always been very much present in the valleys of Savoie and particularly in Maurienne. Visit our churches and chapels, and take advantage of our guided tours to discover the history of this colourful art full of gilt decorations.

Haute Maurienne Vanoise

A mecca for Baroque art

Religious Imagery

With their twisted columns, chubby cherubs, wall paintings and brightly-coloured gilt altarpieces, the chapels and churches of Haute Maurienne Vanoise are home to many a treasure of baroque art.

In the villages and hamlets, along the roadsides and down the paths, you’ll find twenty or so chapels and churches, built from the 16th century to the present day, all bearing witness to the faith of the mountain dwellers.

Some, such as Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church in Aussois, are open all year round, while others (in Avrieux and Val Cenis Lanslebourg) can only be visited with guided tours. But they all reveal those gems of Baroque art representing what was meant to be a foretaste of heaven.