Religious heritage in Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Christianity has long been an integral part of the culture and life of the villages and people of Haute Maurienne Vanoise .

Religious heritage in Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Saint-Pierre d'Extravache...

the first church in Savoy
Savoie's first church, Saint-Pierre d'Extravache, was built in the 11th century in Val Cenis, high above Bramans.

In every village and hamlet, you'll find a chapel, church, oratory and crosses dotting the landscape right up to the highest altitudes.

Baroque gold, altarpieces and painted decorations can be seen everywhere, adorning the interiors of these buildings. Push open the doors of the churches and take advantage of the guided tours to admire their splendor and learn about their history.

The fervor of believers is perpetuated by Marian feasts and pilgrimages. This is because, in this region of Haute Maurienne Vanoise, people are very attached to their traditions!

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