Accrobranches and Tyrolean traverse

At Haute Maurienne Vanoise you can enjoy several accrobranche courses in Valfréjus, Avrieux and Val Cenis. Great zip lines also await you, including some with flights of nearly 200 metres!

Tree climbing courses

Bring the whole family or just a few friends to enjoy the accrobranche courses at Haute Maurienne Vanoise ! A harness, a lanyard for safe climbing, and off you go. Whether you're just a few centimetres off the ground for the kids, or several metres up for the grown-ups, you'll be able to launch yourself over footbridges, monkey bridges and zip lines!

The giant zip lines

Great zip lines await you at Haute Maurienne Vanoise. Hanging from a cable, you'll fly safely over gorges and forests, sometimes for hundreds of meters. On some courses, you'll even be able to link up zip lines one after the other. An unforgettable experience. Great thrills guaranteed!

Valfréjus also offers a unique experience: a cascade of 6 zip lines that you can take in pairs! 100 meters above the Charmaix gorge, in the heart of the forest, the Archanges zip lines take you through the mountain at full speed, two by two.

In Val Cenis, you can also try out a "pendular flight": launch yourself from a platform several dozen metres high and... fly!

And for a change of pace, you can also try out the via ferrata at Gorges d'Ambin, above the village of Bramans. Free access (equipment compulsory, supervision recommended), the course not only features bars set into the wall, but also a Nepalese bridge, a monkey bridge and 2 zip lines (deviation possible for those without the necessary zip line equipment).

Accrobranche and Tyrolean traverse in Valfréjus

Accrobranche and Tyrolean traverse in Avrieux

Accrobranche and pendular flight in Val Cenis