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Haute Maurienne Vanoise#bigheartedalps1 300 m - 3 000 m
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#bigheartedalps To welcome you back (finally!) and provide you with fresh mountain air, a well-deserved break, spectacular landscapes, fantastic new experiences, relaxation and great food…
Our priority is simple: ensure you have a great holiday with peace of mind!

To accomplish this important mission, the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Tourism economic partners are committed to respecting the appropriate protective hygiene measures in line with their individual “professions”.

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In addition to the preventative measures implemented by the government to reduce transmission of Covid-19, the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Tourist Office has decided to dematerialise the principal documentation available to its visitors.

The Activity Guide, entertainment programme and mobility guide are now available to download in PDF format.

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Welcome to Haute Maurienne Vanoise


The mountains are not necessarily synonymous with effort. Here, “fare-niente” does not mean “boredom”, but “rest”, “well-being”, “relaxation”.

In the mountains, it doesn’t take much to be happy, nothing is overrated, everything is true! It’s like the mountain cuisine which is a reflection of its inhabitants: warm, generous, made of simple, local and quality products!

Located at altitudes of 1,000 to 1,800 metres High altitude valley Haute Maurienne Vanoise Explore the open spaces, play the slopes, dive into the clear waters of a lake or enjoy local specialties on the terrace of a refuge. Ask, contemplate, breathe, listen ... Let the charm operate, until you feel fully in your element.

Located between 1000m and 1800m altitude, 10 villages and 6 stations, Oxygenation guaranteed!

Welcome to Haute Maurienne Vanoise.
Pioneering spirit Valfréjus Haute Maurienne Vanoise Facing the National Park of Vanoise, Valfréjus is the pioneering spirit! A nice friendly resort through forest and mountains.

Facing the Vanoise National Park, 15 minutes from the A43, 4 hours by direct TGV from Paris, these are authentic chalets of wood and slate. Hiking, wild walks in the Tabor Massif, thrills in Via Ferrata or adventure park, cultural discovery of a border region rich in history, heritage, museums ... This nice friendly resort has the great joy of welcoming you and promises you an excellent stay.
Cosy resort La Norma Haute Maurienne Vanoise On a vast wooded plateau open on the Vanoise massif, this charming little cozy resort is the ideal place for a successful family holiday!

Family and pedestrian resort located in the heart of Maurienne, in Savoie, La Norma offers all comfort.

Station lined with trees, wooden architecture, residences in resort center and water base.

Activities and activities to discover with the Pass'Cosy!
Family village resort Aussois Haute Maurienne Vanoise The village resort families. A wide range of activities and sensations. Here, sharing the mountain is second nature.

Aussois, located on a southern slope, is an authentic Savoyard village where tourism rhymes with quality of life and harmony.

Aussois is the ideal starting point for family hikes, mountain runs and the discovery of the flora and fauna of the Vanoise National Park.
Alpine exception Val Cenis Haute Maurienne Vanoise The mountain all year, and the promise of a different nature. Val Cenis is the generosity available to all. You deserve the Alpine exception!

At the heart of a preserved mountain, five villages are and make Val Cenis: Lanslebourg, Lanslevillard, Termignon, Sollières-Sardières and Bramans. Between the Vanoise National Park and Lake Mont Cenis, come and live to the rhythm of glacial hikes or family walks.
Escape to Val-Cenis to better meet you!
Nordic spirit Bessans Haute Maurienne Vanoise The Nordic soul in an alpine atmosphere...

An invitation to travel between Vanoise and Italy.

Above the glaciers that culminate, the valley, welcoming. At the heart of this nature, the high plateau, dotted with hamlets makes Bessans a real summer oxygen bubble.
A village-resort gem Bonneval sur Arc Haute Maurienne Vanoise Bonneval sur Arc, real gem of the Alps. Full frame on the Vanoise, its National Park and its glaciers in the heart of one of the "most beautiful villages of France". The open-air studio of the films Belle et Sébastien.

If you knew ... the end of the world is easily accessible!

Breathe the real mountain, taste the village with lauze roofs, stone walls. Bonneval sur Arc is the 6th favorite village of the French, among 36 000 communes. It is not by chance.
In a healthy environment, in the heart of the Vanoise National Park

Here, we live "outdoor", in the middle of nature...

and we've got a lot of stories to tell you!

In the magical setting of the mountains of Haute Maurienne Vanoise, treat yourself to an amazing, sunny and fun holiday!
This summer, go from mountain biking to hiking, from gastronomy to history, from contemplation to action! Rediscover your explorer’s soul and pass it on to your children. Savour the hospitality of the mountain people and, above all, take in the sights!

Logo Parc national de la Vanoise
In the heart of the splendid landscapes of the Vanoise National Park, an emblematic place of mountain protection since its creation in 1963, open this magnificent picture book with your children on the hiking trails.
With easy access, most of the sites offer panoramas of incomparable beauty: l’Orgère, le Fond d’Aussois, Saint-Pierre d’Extravache, Plan du Lac, Petit Mont-Cenis, Avérole, l’Ecot, l’Oulietta…
For those who take the time to observe it, the fauna and flora of the Vanoise National Park is very rich and varied: the mischievous marmot, the agile ibex and chamois, the graceful flight of the bearded vulture, the gentian and the edelweiss…
Transform yourself into a naturalist with the Park’s ambassadors and wardens, share the life of the farmers in the mountain pastures, experience a night in a refuge and live pure happiness!

HMV Eté Marmottes © G.pilloud/OTHMVHMV Eté Lac De Bellecombe © CC/OTHMV

You’re running out of time, that’s for sure!

Haute Maurienne Vanoise is an exceptional playground accessible to all, young and old. Hiking and mountain biking are the most sought-after activities for mountain holidays, but did you know that you can also enjoy diving in the high altitude river and lake, canyoning, rafting, hydrospeed, fishing, climbing, via ferrata, paintball, laser shooting, rollerblading and even skiing?

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Fly over the valley in a microlight and paraglider, enjoy the thrill of the zip lines of the Devil and Paradise. Go horseback riding, with a donkey, a sled dog, learn a little more about nature, animals, and flowers.

A holiday in the mountains is not to put an end to swimming! Take advantage of the equipped leisure centres of La Norma, Aussois and Bessans, the swimming pools of Modane, Aussois and Val Cenis Lanslevillard, or simply the pleasure of dipping your feet in a stream, by a waterfall.

With your children, try your hand at trampoline, bowling, chantournage, origami, push the “Door of Secrets” and enter the world of escape games in Aussois, Avrieux and Val Cenis, climb the trees of the Devil’s Branch Park and the Accro Parc.

After having put in so much effort or simply because you feel like relaxing, the spas and wellness areas of Haute Maurienne welcome you in magical places and provide you with quality treatments. Hatha yoga, sophrology, kinesiology, naturopathy, reiki, relaxation… recharge your batteries and adopt a Zen attitude!

Discover National Vanoise Park

There’s so much to learn from this land!

The history of settlement in Haute Maurienne Vanoise goes back to prehistory. These traces are still clearly visible in the Lozes archaeological park at Aussois, on the cup stones at Bonneval sur Arc and pierre aux pieds at Val Cenis Lanslevillard. Plunge into this period by visiting the archaeology museum of Val Cenis Sollières and share with your children the various workshops that are offered to you. Immerse yourself in the history of this valley through the discovery trails of the Promenade Savoyarde: “In pursuit of Hannibal”, “Les forts de l’Esseillon”.
Although Savoie has only been French since 1860, Haute Maurienne has always been a passageway to Italy, especially the road over the Mont-Cenis pass designed and built by Emperor Napoleon. Did you know that the pass was crossed by stagecoach and then by train?

Avrieux Eglise Baroque Saint Thomas Becket Yannick Bellisand

Like many high alpine valleys, religious fervour has always been omnipresent in the lives of its inhabitants. This is evidenced by the oratories, chapels and churches, most of which are part of the “Chemin du Baroque” and are listed in the National Register of Historic Monuments.
A land of combat in all eras, Haute Maurienne offers visitors its fortifications (Esseillon, Maginot Line) and means of communication (Chappe telegraph).
Architecture, science and technology are also part of our Haute Mauriennais heritage: chalets, watermills, dams and hydroelectricity, astrophysics…

In every village you will have the possibility to visit a museum, an exhibition, a place and thus add a cultural side to your holiday. Proud of the richness of our territory, of our traditions, we are happy to bring them to your knowledge and to share them with you.

Val Cenis - Fort de Ronce - Mont-Cenis - été

Enjoy your holiday and grow up!

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Haute Maurienne Vanoise offers all kinds of shows, plays, conferences, concerts, festivals and traditional celebrations. The 4 cinemas of the territory program the latest films on screen, the Auditorium Laurent Gerra in Val Cenis welcomes artists from all cultural backgrounds, the interpretation centres allow you to discover for better understanding.

You can attend exceptional concerts in our baroque churches with the Fêtes musicales de Savoie and take part in the “Andiamo” event, programmed by the Scène nationale Malraux de Chambéry. Through a series of free artistic events for young and old alike, ANDIAMO invites you to discover in a leisurely step the splendours of the valley and the territorial heritage on its Franco-Italian slopes.

Andiamo Aussois Spectacle Malraux Mo.vasypaulette

Find all the dates not to be missed in the “Summer Scenes” cultural agenda of Haute Maurienne Vanoise!