1 – Scope of the general conditions of use

1.1 These general conditions of use govern the use that can be made of the site haute-maurienne-vanoise.comhautemaurienne-reservation.com (read below the “Site”), its content and information collected there. They apply to any reservation of services / tourist products made by the User, from the Site, to a Partner Provider.
1.2 Any use of the Website is subject to acceptance and compliance with these terms and conditions of use.
1.3 They are offered in French.
1.4 These terms and conditions of use are subject to change at any time. In the event of modification, the version of the general conditions of use appearing on the Site at the time of the final confirmation by the User of his reservation will be applied to the reservation of tourist services / products.
1.5 The general conditions of use are available on the Site. The User has the faculty to preserve them by saving them on the hard disk of his computer or on any other durable medium or by printing them on paper so as to be able to refer to it at any time. This conservation is under its sole responsibility.
1.6 The attention of the User is drawn to the fact that the services / tourist products booked via the Site are subject, in addition to these general conditions of use, to the general terms and conditions of sale of the Service Provider partners of the services / products reserved .
1.7 The general conditions of sale specific to each Partner Provider are accessible via a hypertext link displayed during the booking process, as well as in the e-mail of booking confirmation sent once payment has been made.


2. Acceptance

2.1 Any reservation made and paid via the Website is subject to the knowledge and prior acceptance full and complete by the User, by checking the box provided for this purpose, these terms and conditions of use and general conditions of the Supplier Partner providing the desired service / product.
2.2 Without this acceptance, the continuation of the booking process is technically impossible.


3. Purpose and description of the site haute-maurienne-vanoise.comreservation.haute-maurienne-vanoise.com

3.1 The hautemaurienne-reservation.com Booking Site is published by the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Tourist Office called “HMVT”, an SPL whose activity is the marketing of services / tourist stays. HMVT is registered in the register of travel and holiday operators under the number IM073170012. HMVT has subscribed a financial guarantee with Groupama Insurance – Credit & Guarantee – 126, rue de la Piazza – 93199 Noisy-Le-Grand Cédex-, as well as an insurance in the conditions envisaged by the Code of the tourism, with MAIF – 200 Salvador Allende Avenue – CS 90 000 – 79038 Niort cedex 9 – France. Full details of HMVT are available on its website and are reproduced below:
Headquarters: 6, Rue Napoléon – France.
Telephone: 04 79 05 99 10

3.2 Through the website hautemaurienne-reservation.com, HMVT provides an online booking platform of services / products, offered and marketed to Users on the Site by Partner Providers.

3.3 This is a “tourist marketplace” managed through communication gateway systems and “Open System” technology, developed by the simplified joint stock company under French law “ALLIANCE NETWORKS” (whose registered office is established Rue Saint Exupéry, 26 to 73300 Saint Jean-de-Maurienne – France, registered in the Registry of the Commercial Court of CHAMBERY under the number 393953278).

3.4 The Site is intended to be an instrument of general interest made available to Partner Providers in order to enable them to disseminate and sell, in real time, their offers of services / tourist products and leisure activities available.

3.5 The tourist services / products offered by our partners on the Site are exclusively provided and managed by and under the responsibility of said partners, in application of their own general conditions of sale. It is therefore the responsibility of the User to read the general conditions of sale of each partner supplying the desired services / products, and this, before any final booking made on the Site.

3.6 By making a reservation through hautemaurienne-reservation.com, the User enters into a direct contractual relationship with the Partner Service Provider concerned by the reservation.

3.7 However, HMVT offers on the Website to Users, on their behalf and for their own account, services and / or products.

3.8 In this case, the services and / or products offered by HMVT on the Site are exclusively provided and managed by and under its sole responsibility. They are therefore subject, in addition to these terms and conditions of use, to the general conditions of sale of HMVT applicable to the package and ticketing offered and available on the Site.

3.9 It should be emphasized that in the latter case, HMVT contracts directly with the User. That being the case, it is directly to the User that he must address himself for any question or complaint relating to his reservation, or for any request for modification or cancellation of his reservation according to the instructions and conditions indicated in the general conditions. sales of HMVT specific to the services and / or products.

3.10 The tourist services / products offered on the Site are only available for private use and not intended for commercial use as part of a commercial or competitive activity or objective.


4. Processus de contractualisation en ligne applicable à tous services/Produits touristiques

4.1 The Site User who reserves / buys any proposed service and tourist product, must be at least 18 years old, be legally able to contract alone and use the Site in accordance with the general conditions of use in force at the time of the final confirmation of his reservation.

4.2 The online booking process on the Site consists of four steps, namely:
Step 1: via the tab “add to cart”, selection by the user of the services / products desired to place them in his basket;
Step 2: once the contents of his basket have been definitively stopped, the User validates his order,
Step 3: The User enters his personal information in the required fields of the booking form (name, first name, address …) and validates the information entered. The User unreservedly accepts these terms and conditions of use of the Site and the general conditions of sale specific to each service / product of the validated basket, and proceeds to the payment for services to be paid online by entering and confirming his contact details. for payment of the full price due through the secure online payment system set up on the Site, or sends the pre-booking online. The payment is made then live with the Seller according to the general conditions of sale of the latter.

4.3 The attention of the User is drawn to the fact that the personal information provided by him in the online booking form is sent to the Provider concerned by the reservation.

4.4 At the end of the fourth stage of the online contracting process, the reservation made by the User becomes firm, under the suspensive condition of confirmation by the Provider concerned of the desired availabilities.

4.5 In fact, the availability of the Provider is displayed in real time on the Site on the basis of information provided by the Provider. However, these are only indicative in view of transactions that can be carried out simultaneously via the various marketing channels (sites, telephone, email). In case of double booking, the Provider concerned will be responsible for contacting the User to resolve the problem amicably, or even refund the User.

4.6 The Service Provider of the booked service / product then sends (automatically via the Open System) to the User an e-mail confirming the services booked (in the body of the e-mail or in the appendix), the price, the address of the User, as well as the specific conditions, specific to the Providers and the reservations.

4.7 The e-mail confirming the reservation is sent by the Service Provider (automatically via the Open System) to the e-mail address provided by the User in the booking form. It is therefore the responsibility of the User to ensure the accuracy of the details provided during his booking.

4.8 In the event that the User does not receive an e-mail confirming his reservation, he is responsible for directly contacting the Service Provider concerned.


5. No right of withdrawal for certain products

In accordance with article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal can not be exercised for contracts for the provision of accommodation services, other than residential accommodation, goods transport services, rental of cars, catering or leisure activities that must be provided on a specified date or period.


6. Modification or cancellation of a reservation

6.1 Any reservation made on the Site, once confirmed, can no longer be modified online later by the User, hence the importance for him to check, before any final confirmation, that the information he provides is accurate and complete.

6.2 Any change request must be sent directly to the Partner Service Provider concerned according to the instructions given in the e-mail confirming the booking. The modification request will be processed by the Partner Provider according to his own general conditions of sale.

6.3 In principle, the User also has the option to cancel a reservation made on the Site. The cancellation must be made to the Service Provider within the prescribed time and according to the terms and conditions provided in the general conditions of sale of the partner provider concerned, as accepted by the User during the booking process on the Site.
6.4 Any reimbursement of sums paid by the User on the Site at the time of booking, which would be due to him following a cancellation or modification of his reservation, is the responsibility of the Partner Provider concerned according to its general conditions of sale.

6.5 The User is also informed that the cancellation of a reservation may result in charges according to the applicable general conditions of sale of the Provider. It is also possible that in certain cases (special offers, package, promotion …), the User can not claim the refund of the sums paid on the Site, with the Partner Provider concerned in case of cancellation of the reservation.

6.6 It is therefore the responsibility of the User to read the general conditions of sale of the Partner Provider concerned, in addition to these general conditions of use, before making a reservation. As a reminder, when making a reservation, the User is invited, during the booking process, to read these general conditions of use and the general conditions of sale of the Provider concerned, and to accept them by ticking the corresponding box Otherwise, the booking process can not be continued.


7. Rates

7.1 The prices of the services and products offered on the Site are indicated in euros and are inclusive of all taxes (VAT), unless otherwise expressly stated on the Site or in the e-mail confirmation of reservation.

7.2 The rates displayed on the Site are those charged by the Partner Providers on the various marketing channels (except occasional promotions offered directly by the Provider in the context of a particular action).

7.3 Rates are subject to possible changes by the Partner Providers. They are updated on the Site as and when rate changes made by the Partner Providers.

7.4 In any case, the rates charged to the User are those charged by the Partner Provider on the date of final confirmation of the reservation by the User on the Site.

7.5 All special / promotional offers are indicated as such.


8. Payment

8.1 The secure payment offered on the platform is provided by One Shot Pay.
One Shot Pay processes the payments made by Internet users (the “Buyers”) on behalf of the service providers (the “Sellers”).
One Shot Pay acts exclusively as a payment service provider. As such, the Vendors are solely responsible for the contract and performance of their services vis-à-vis the Purchasers.

NB: Some sellers can be equipped with Paypal or Paybox online payment solutions.
8.2 Any modification made by the User to his reservation, after final validation on the Site (number of people, complementary service …), resulting in an additional price or additional costs for the User, must be paid directly by the latter with the Service Provider concerned.


9. Personal data

9.1 Information and data concerning you are necessary for the management of your order and our commercial relations. HMVT guarantees the preservation of your privacy and undertakes to treat the personal data collected in strict compliance with the legal provisions in force.

9.2 For information on how HMVT treats personal data and to be informed about your rights in HMVT, we invite you to consult our personal data policy (hypertext link: our RGPD policy document)


10. Liability of HMVT

10.1 As stated above in section 3.6, HMVT only plays an intermediary role between the User and the Service Provider. That being the case, HMVT can not be held responsible for any damage caused to the User resulting directly or indirectly: from total or partial non-performance of the contract concluded directly between the User and the Service Provider, to which HMVT is a third party;

10.2 HMVT can not also be held responsible for any damage caused to the User resulting, directly or indirectly, from errors that the User may have made when entering the personal information requested in the booking form, or the fraudulent use by a third party of his credit card.

10.3 The links implemented towards other sites do not engage the responsibility of HMVT, this one having no control on the contents of these sites. Consequently, HMVT can not accept any responsibility for the content, advertisements, products, services or any other tool available on or from these sites or external sources that it has neither verified nor approved nor be held responsible for any consequential damage or in connection with the use of these links.


11. Intellectual property

11.1 The Site and all elements that compose it (information, presentation of the Site, infrastructure, logos, texts, graphics, photos, images, illustrations, software …) are the exclusive property of HMVT and / or its suppliers. content, licensees of the software used by the Site, partners and tour operators.

11.2 However, it is prohibited for the Site User to reproduce, modify, exploit, integrate or use in any way, all or part of the content of the Site and the information collected therein without the express prior authorization and written from HMVT.


12. Applicable law and litigation (s)

12.1 These general conditions of use and the provision of our services are exclusively governed and interpreted in accordance with French law.

12.2 All disputes and / or disputes arising from the provision of our services and / or relating to the validity, interpretation and / or execution of these general conditions of use, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Commerce of Chambéry