Aussois Ete Refuge Monatgne 04 A PernetAussois Ete Refuge Monatgne 04 A Pernet
©Aussois Ete Refuge Monatgne 04 A Pernet|Alban Pernet
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“Resort, Liberty, Altitude…”


With our Activity Pass packages you can fill your entire holiday with activities galore, get a fresh vision of summer in the mountains and (re)discover Haute Maurienne Vanoise like never before!


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Walking, hiking & trail running

Is mountain hiking your greatest pleasure? Discover the great hiking routes and go trekking for days at a time. Go exploring the magnificent landscape of this legendary valley in the company of our professional guides and get a closer look at the abundant wildlife of our mountains. Wait no longer, let us accompany your greatest adventures…

Haute Maurienne Vanoise

offers everything you expect to find in the mountains, right here in Savoie. This is where you will write the best pages of your travel diary and illustrate them with all those beautiful images that will stay in your heart forever.

For you, “hiking” conjures images of mountains and spectacular scenery. It means communion with nature and exploration of a distant, unpolluted wilderness.
But hiking is also a great way to get your body moving, exercise to oxygenate yourself, recharge your batteries and meet new people too. Walking at your own pace, discovering a different environment, spotting chamois and ibex, marvelling at the edelweiss, refreshing your feet while enjoying a picnic by a mountain stream… This is, quite simply, a direct path to Cloud 9!
Well-maintained and waymarked, a multitude of trails invite you, alone, with family or friends, perhaps in the company of a professional guide, to discover a crystal-clear lake at the foot of a glacier, a mountain refuge in the heart of the Vanoise National Park, marmots and blueberries… as well as the silence, the sunny blue skies and the pure mountain air…

Whether you’re already into this sports discipline or a complete novice, why not try mountain trail running during your holidays in Haute Maurienne Vanoise? Bear in mind that you will be crossing beautiful landscapes and seeing exceptional panoramas unfurl before your eyes!

Trail-runners and spectators, do not miss the EDF Cenis Tour in Val Cenis or the TGV race (Tour des Glaciers de la Vanoise), both taking place this summer.