Etache valley

If you feel the need to “switch off”, the Etache Valley is the place to do it! Here, you really feel the power of nature and an incredible sense of wellbeing! The sun’s rays gently warm you, the flowers and rocks display colours beyond definition and the sky becomes an amazing blue in this haven of peace disturbed only by the sound of waterfalls and mountain streams.

Etache valley

Wild beauty

Unspoilt nature

Nature at its wildest

The Etache Valley is located above the village of Val Cenis Bramans (Planay road) in Haute Maurienne Vanoise. At the end of the valley is the border with Italy.

Despite being accessible to walkers of all levels, this is a relatively unfrequented place where you’ll discover a wilderness of waterfalls and grazing herds.

You will pass in front of the small chapel of Saint-Barthélémy in the shade of the Grand Bec d’Etache. You can also taste the cheese produced at the Ferme d’Etache.