After an intense 1,000-metre elevation gain for a distance of 14 km, hold your breath because the reward is well worth the effort!
Bellecombe, the gateway to the Vanoise National Park, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful panoramas in the Alps!
A life-sized picture postcard for a souvenir that will stay in your memory forever!
Green, white and blue!
White like the Vanoise glaciers, there in front of you, sparkling under the sun.
Blue like the sky, enhanced by a purity of colour only found at high altitude.
Green like the mountain pastures stretching as far as the eye can see, much to the delight of cows, sheep and marmots.

Delicious… go on, you deserve it! Did you know that this is the one and only place where a priceless treasure named Bleu de Termignon is produced?

Altitude 2,362 metres

Bellecombe, an enchanting plateau in the heart of the Vanoise National Park, is surrounded by the highest and most beautiful peaks of the entire massif: La Grande Casse, 3,855m, La Dent Parrachée, 3,697m, La Grande Motte 3,653m, the domes of the Arpont 3,601m and Chasseforêt 3,586m, the Grand Roc Noir, 3,582m and so on.

With a 360° view and the help of the viewpoint indicator located next to the Plan du Lac refuge, you will not be beaten when it comes to recognising the wonders of this wilderness that has been protected since 1963.

Bellecombe is a starting point for many Vanoise hikes, with trails in the valleys that lead to the passes and refuges: Entre-Deux-Eaux Valley, Leisse Valley, Rocheure Valley, Vanoise Pass, Femma refuge, Arpont refuge, Plan du Lac refuge, Leisse refuge, Entre-Deux-Eaux refuge, Lac Blanc refuge, etc.

Bellecombe is a land of mountain pastures where herds of cows and flocks of sheep spend their time grazing, including the dairy cows whose milk is used to make, among other products,  the delicious “Bleu de Termignon” cheese!

Bellecombe is also home to lakes (Lac de Bellecombe, Lac Blanc) where trout fishermen introduce their children to this activity, in a lush green habitat where marmots run around and keep a watchful eye on you! (Remember not to leave any rubbish behind.)

Bellecombe is where you will leave your vehicle (parking is free, and you can continue a little further on the summer shuttle bus that arrives from Val Cenis Termignon).

And if you have found the extraordinary courage to do the 14 km climb and 1,026-metre elevation gain by bike… Bravo! You will have earned the pleasure of quenching your thirst at the Auberge de Bellecombe!

By now you’ll have understood that Bellecombe is also the place you absolutely must visit during your holidays in Haute Maurienne Vanoise!

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