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Holiday suggestions

Your vacation in the mountains

Haute Maurienne Vanoise offers you a golden program to satisfy your vacations as a family, as a couple, alone or with friends. We have a lot of ideas to satisfy your desires of vacations in the mountains: stays in Aussois, Valfréjus, la Norma, Val Cenis Lanslebourg, Val Cenis Lanslevillard, Bessans and Bonneval sur Arc! In a hotel, gite or in renting … all formulas are possible.
So, don’t hesitate any longer and come and explore the Haute Maurienne Vanoise !

Discover, experiment, explore...

Welcome to the mountains!

Make the choice of originality, the one that suits you!

Going for unusual adventures?

Perhaps you think that the mountains are all about hiking, wide open spaces, beautiful landscapes and marmots? Get out of this cliché and live your own adventure!
In Haute Maurienne Vanoise, you will be able to live unusual experiences that will take you out of your comfort zone, practice activities that you have been dreaming about but haven’t dared yet.
So, exceed yourself, fill up on adrenaline, endorphins… It’s good for your health and morale!
In short, we can help you do yourself good!
High altitude lake diving, microlight flight, canyoning, hydrospeed, giant zip line, escape game, trampoline, ski-wheels, laser shooting, high altitude night in a pod, a teepee…

Pass “Activ’été”, the multi-activity sesame of your holidays

Thanks to the Pass Activities that we have concocted for you with the professionals of Haute Maurienne Vanoise, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful playground with family and friends.
Your week-long stay in Haute Maurienne Vanoise could be as follows:
Day 1: Hiking on the trails of the Vanoise National Park.
Day 2: Swimming at the lake (La Norma, Val Cenis Sollières or Bessans), fishing, paddle, canoeing
Day 3: Discovery of forts, museums, churches, chapels, dairy cooperative, breweries
Day 4: Accrobranche, rock climbing, zip line, via ferrata
Day 5: Mountain biking, VAE, Chantelouve play area in Bessans, Pumptrack in Aussois
Day 6: Canyoning at Ecot, diving, horse or donkey rides, rollerblading, laser shooting, trampoline, yoga

Discover the activities pass

Sentinels of the Alps, from one fort to another

A true sentinels of all eras, a multitude of fortifications stand on our slopes. The ones that are most noticeable are those that make up the Barrière de l’Esseillon. Designed according to the plans of the Marquis de Montalembert, the glacial lock of the Esseillon lent itself perfectly to the defensive position of one fort on top of another. In 1815, the Haute Maurienne belonged to the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia and Victor-Emmanuel, the sovereign, ordered the construction of these 5 forts in order to guard against French invasions.
Another time when winters were harsh, life short and difficult. They prayed to God and implored the Devil!” Today, the forts can be visited freely and children will learn a lot more by turning into a soldier in the footsteps of Alessandro, reading the comic book of the forts, solving the riddles of the escape game The Door of Secrets of the Marie-Thérèse Redoubt and listening to the legends of the Devil’s Bridge and the Flambeau dog..

Other forts built after the attachment of Savoy to France, watch over the new border. The forts of Ronce, Malamot, la Turra, Variselle defend the Mont-Cenis sector. The forts of Lavoir, Replaton, Sapey and Saint-Gobain defend Modane and its surroundings.

The Baroque Golds

The Haute Maurienne Vanoise, color “GOLD” on the Chemins du Baroque
Don’t be fooled by the sober exterior of our churches and chapels and dare to push open the doors!
The treasures of Baroque art dazzle with their gilding, their wall paintings, their sculptures. Angelots, saints, black virgins, draperies, altarpieces, flowers, stained glass windows, trompe-l’oeil… step inside these places that were often built with donations from villagers and decorated by local sculptors and painters.
To the Saints protectors and the Virgin Mary, were dedicated chapels and churches: Saint-Antoine, protector of the herds, Saint-Roch who was much prayed to for the eradication of the plague, Our Lady of the Assumption…

Take advantage of the organized tours to enrich your knowledge and to find out why you come across so many oratories and chapels on the hiking trails of Haute Maurienne.

On the roads of the Tour de France

Land of choice for the “petite reine”, the Maurienne, the largest cycling area in the world, is known worldwide thanks to the regular passage of the Tour de France cyclist through the valley.
What professional or amateur cyclist hasn’t dreamed of climbing the highest passes in the Savoie department: the Galibier pass, theIseran pass, the Mont-Cenis pass, the Madeleine pass, the Croix de Fer pass, the Glandon pass?

Throughout the summer, the challenge Mountain Collection (18 climbs on reserved roads) allows everyone to experience sporting moments in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. An opportunity to discover Haute Maurienne Vanoise differently, in complete safety on a road closed to cars.

This summer in HMV, I V(is) T(or)T all the way!”

How about a 100% mountain biking trip in Haute Maurienne Vanoise?

A mountain bike offer with routes of all levels – to each level of difficulty, its color -, sporty itineraries – Cross-country, Enduro, qualified instructors, fun zones to practice with the family, routes to go and discover the natural and cultural heritage, service providers with sound advice.

Experience mountain biking with buddies, with your family, make memories of vacations and weekends in the heart of nature on the 320 km of the HMV territory, FFC-labeled domain.
You are in a protected natural environment, reduce your carbon footprint and ride your bike! Cycling is green!