Freeride skiing

The Haute Maurienne Vanoise offers many freeride ski areas. In Valfréjus, La Norma, Aussois, Val Cenis and Bonneval sur Arc you will find superb slopes that invite you to freeride in a fabulous setting with dream snow! The resorts of Valfréjus and Bonneval sur Arc even host rounds of the French Freeride Series, the competition that allows the best freeriders to qualify for the Freeride World Cup. Amateurs and fans of big ski, do not hesitate to surround yourself with professionals of this discipline to practice safely and discover preserved and untracked spots, even several days after the last snowfall.


Freeride World Tour Qualifier

The resorts of Valfréjus and Bonneval sur Arc are hosting a round of the French Freeride Series. This competition gathers every season the best French and European freeriders who come to draw lines and send big jumps to score points and try to qualify for the Freeride World Tour, the "Freeride Ski World Cup".

The Bonneval sur Arc stage of the French Freeride Series

The Valfréjus stage of the French Freeride Series


Freeride and speed riding

On the slopes of the Haute Maurienne Vanoise resorts, especially in Valfréjus and Bonneval sur Arc, you will very often come across skiers with large skis and ABS bags on their backs: a sign that these resorts offer beautiful freeride slopes. Another sign: it is also in Valfréjus, that speed riding was invented. Speedriding? Freeride in 3D" according to Franck Coupat, instructor of the speedriding school Ataka.

Discover and practice speedriding with the Ataka school in Valfréjus.


Safety before powder!

The mountain is a place of freedom and adventure. But before leaving the open and secure trails to go into freeride mode, always make sure you have respected the safety rules: check the conditions with the professionals, weather report, shovel, probe, ARVA. Be accompanied and tell at least one person about your itinerary. The easiest way is to use the professionals and instructors of the resort who will accompany you in complete safety to enjoy the fresh snow and wide open spaces.