Snow report & weather forecast

These Météo France snow and weather reports will keep you up to date with the conditions forecast for the days ahead at the 6 resorts of Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

Weather forecast

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Thursday 13 August
Partly cloudy
Bottom : 21°C / Top : 11°C
Wind : 7km/h ISO 0° : 3850m -
15°C / 7°C
18°C / 9°C
Friday 14 August
Partly cloudy
Bottom : 21°C / Top : 10°C
Wind : 7km/h ISO 0° : 3800m -
13°C / 7°C
12°C / 6°C
17°C / 9°C
Saturday 15 August
Bottom : 23°C / Top : 12°C
Wind : 7km/h ISO 0° : 4150m -
11°C / 9°C
11°C / 8°C
19°C / 10°C
Sunday 16 August
Bottom : 22°C / Top : 11°C
Wind : 7km/h ISO 0° : 4000m -
12°C / 8°C
13°C / 8°C
17°C / 9°C

our resorts

Valfrejus, a pioneering spirit

From 1,550 m to 2,737 m. Facing the Vanoise National Park, Valfréjus is the pioneering spirit! A pretty friendly resort for skiing in wide open spaces.

La Norma, the cosy resort

From 1,358 m to 2,726 m. On a vast wooded plateau overlooking the Vanoise massif, this charming little cosy ski resort is the ideal place for a successful family holiday!

Aussois, the village-resort for families

From 1,500m to 2,750m. The village resort of families. Sun skiing and a wide range of sensations. Here, sharing the mountain is second nature.

Val Cenis, the alpine exception

From 1,300 m to 2,800 m. The mountain all year round, and the promise of a different ski. Val Cenis is generosity within everyone’s reach. You deserve the alpine exception!

Bessans, the nordic soul

From 1,673 m to 1,752 m. The Nordic soul in an alpine atmosphere… Far from the snow factories, our winter size XXL is to be shared whether you come for skating or alternative, you come back to Bessans.

Bonneval sur Arc, a village resort treasure

From 1,759 m to 3,000 m. Bonneval sur Arc, an Alpine nugget. Full frame on the Vanoise river, its National Park and its glaciers in the heart of one of the “most beautiful villages in France”. The open-air studio of the films Belle and Sébastien.