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Let’s protect our environment and, together, safeguard the mountains!

Across the Val Cenis ski area we are taking action to protect natural heritage and wildlife species, reduce our energy impact and generally preserve the natural environment.

Here are the 4 areas on which Val Cenis has undertaken to work:

Local economy: the resort supports and consolidates local business initiatives that are mindful of both humans and nature.
Social & cultural: the resort promotes local heritage and actions in support of sustainable development among both visitors and residents.
Destination governance: throughout the year, the resort actively follows a shared strategy to pursue its growth while steering towards sustainable development solutions.
Environment & natural resources: soft mobility, recycling, water management, energy control and respect for biodiversity are the positive actions implemented by the resort.

ENVIRONMENT observatory

In order to protect and preserve its natural environment, the Val Cenis ski area created an Environment Observatory in 2014.
The aim is to enhance our knowledge of the resort’s outstanding natural heritage with a view to boosting its protection.
This observatory is managed by Karum, an environmental consultancy that conducts

The Observatory aims to:
• Acquire an overview of the ski area’s specific areas of environmental sensitivity.
• Identify key sensitive spots across the ski area.
• Mitigate (avoid, reduce or offset) the environmental impacts of future ski area development.
• Monitor the performance of environmental measures implemented in the ski area.

the fauna

       & flora


Through a partnership between the Val Cenis ski area and the Vanoise National Park, Val Cenis undertakes to properly manage and protect the fauna and flora of Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

For example, Val Cenis is one of 3 pilot ski areas taking part in the European project, POIA Birdski, which aims to protect and monitor black grouse by:

• Creating black grouse tranquillity zones.
• Fitting bird diverters to certain ski lift cables.
• Assessing the performance of these measures in terms of protecting the environment.

At the end of the 3-year project, all ski areas in the French Alps will benefit from feedback on the results of action taken in Val Cenis.

Black grouse habitat assessments

Enhanced protection of black grouse through greater understanding of the habitats in which it thrives…

The black grouse, of which the beautiful male bird has a red wattle and lyre-shaped tail, is a vulnerable species. It can be found in the Vanoise region, but overall its numbers are decreasing. The black grouse receives special attention under the EU Birds Directive. [Read more]

Source : Vanoise National Park.


         & Débat


• Organisation of an annual conference & debate on various themes such as “Fauna, flora & environment – Val Cenis objectives”, “Tourism & environment – key challenges for Val Cenis”) with the participation of experts.  These events are open to the public to help raise awareness about the local environment.

• Environment Observatory summary report produced yearly by the Karum consultancy and also made available to the general public.


Providing expertise

      & raising awareness!


Identification of protected areas by way of:
•  Information panels on ski lift pylons,
•  Piste maps,
•  Digital displays in the resort,

and public information about the sensitive nature of these areas and the necessity to protect them.

Lifts already equipped

Val Cenis le Haut gondola lift (2019)
Arcelle detachable chairlift (2020)
Ramasse detachable chairlift (2020)

Also, the picnic room at the Vieux Moulin top station is heated with heat generated by the gondola lift system.

Val Cenis,

      a protected village


Local protected areas include:
PNV (1) core zone: 18,385 Ha (source: decree of 5th April 2007 relating to the surface calculation method for national park core areas – consolidated version dated 2nd October 2019);
Mont-Cenis APPB (2) and Savine valley: 1,105 Ha (source: Savoie regions observatory)
Natura 2000 areas: 1,207 Ha (3 areas – source: Savoie regions observatory)
Included sites: 2,199 Ha (3 sites – source: Savoie regions observatory)
ZNIEF (3 ) 1: 14,629 Ha (20 areas – source: Savoie regions observatory)
ZNIEF (3 ) 2: 8,292 Ha (3 areas – source: Savoie regions observatory)
Protection forest: 616 Ha (2 areas – Bramans and Termignon – source: Savoie regions observatory). Excluding peatlands and wetlands.

Counting only surface areas with PNV (1), APPB (2) and Natura 2000 protection, a total of 20,697 Ha is protected, representing almost half of the municipal territory.


(1) PNV: Vanoise National Park. (2) APPB: Biotope Protection Prefectoral Decrees. (3) ZNIEFF: Natural Areas of Ecological, Faunistic and Floristic Interest

As the second largest municipal territory in mainland France, Val Cenis comprises multiple protected areas.

Over 57% of it is protected area and only 4% is developed (3% for housing zones and 1% for the ski area)..


Here in the heart of Savoie, mountains and farming go hand in hand. The wide open spaces are shared by people and animals who give only their very best.

Listen to the cowbells, explore the landscapes, visit the mountain farms, sample the outstanding local produce,
and be at one with nature…

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