Devil of Bessans

It is said that Bessans, a high-altitude land of legend, is the home of the Devil! Do you know why? Let us tell you the story….

The legend of the Devil of Bessans

Devillish Bessans

In Bessans, you meet the devil at every fountain, in the shops and even at the schools and houses. Besides cross-country skiing, the devil is actually the village emblem!

There’s a whole story behind Bessans’ relationship with the devil. In 1857, a dispute between the brotherhood of the Bessans singers and the village priest was “resolved” thanks to a wooden sculpture representing the devil holding a priest under his arm…. Since then, the tradition has continued!

Take a stroll through the streets of the village and stop at the “Chapoteur”, the woodcarving workshop where Georges and Fabrice Personnaz keep the legend going with their sculptures of the devil!


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