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Devil of Bessans

A land of altitude and legend, it is said that Bessans is the land of the Devil! Do you know why? Let yourself be told the story….

The legend of the Diable de Bessans

Diabolical Bessans

In Bessans, we meet the devil at the bend of fountains, in shops and even on schools and houses. With cross-country skiing, it is even the symbol of the village!

Bessans and the devil is a whole story. In 1857, a dispute between the brotherhood of the Bessans singers and the village priest was “resolved” thanks to a wooden sculpture representing the devil holding a priest under his arm…. Since then, the tradition has continued!

Take a stroll through the streets of the village and take a break at the “Chapoteur”, the woodcarving workshop where Georges and Fabrice Personnaz sculpt devils and thus maintain the legend!