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Valfréjus opened in 1983 and is one of the newest resorts in France. We’re pioneers in alternative wintersports; skwalling and speedriding were invented here. The resort takes its name from the Franco-Italian mountain range of Fréjus.

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Valfréjus, a pioneering spirit!

Right from the beginnings of skiing in the early 20th century, the pioneering people of Modane took to ski-jumping, ice-skating, and even bobsleigh competitions!

The local club, called Sports d’Hiver Modane, was established as early as 1920.

The Arrondaz plateau very quickly earned itself a reputation for great snow, and tourists keen to enjoy the pleasure of winter sports began to ski down the Charmaix slope, an ancient gateway to Italy and Dauphiné.

Chairlifts were installed at the end of the 1960s to facilitate access.

At that time, the bottom station was at Fourneaux, and the resort’s state-of-the-art lifts took skiers from the town straight to the snow-covered slopes.

Then, with improvements to the road to Le Charmaix, Valfréjus eventually emerged as a fully-fledged resort.

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Easy to reach by motorway or by high-speed train via Modane station, this resort stands at a location where the conditions are ideal for winter sports, a long tradition here.

Quality ski lifts and great snow cover

• A resort where new winter sports and new disciplines are invented.

•  For example, it was here at Valfréjus that Patrick “Thias” Balmain, a ski and snowboard instructor at the time, launched the skwal (a single board on which one foot is placed in front of the other).

•  And this is also the cutting-edge resort that invented speedriding, a spectacular combination of skiing and paragliding.
Nowadays, dozens of sails unfurl in the skies of Valfréjus, the only resort in the world where you’ll find a speedriding school.

• Constantly driven by new projects, Valfréjus is also one of the first resorts to have optimised its ski lift system by investing in modern, high-performance installations in order to restrict the number of lifts.




Le Charmaix ChapelReligious heritage

With Savoie Mont-Blanc Heritage, a guided tour by torchlight of the sanctuary of Notre-Dame du Charmaix built in the 15th century and home to a black madonna.

Speedriding and other winter sportsHeliskiing

We’re pioneers in alternative wintersports; skwalling and speedriding were invented here. Helicopter drop-off for freeride skiing between France and Italy.

13 minutes to the top13 km of descent!

The “Jeu” slope is a concentrate of skiing at its purest: a 13 km blue run with a 1200-metre elevation drop, accessible to skiers of all levels on a mountainside in the heart of nature.


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