Weather forecast & snow report

Here is the Val Cenis weather report delivered by Météo France to know in real time the weather of the coming days.



What is the weather like today? Do you prefer skiing, snowshoeing or visiting the heritage?

Val Cenis


1 480 m

Téléski du Pont noir

2 100 m

Replat des canons

2 540 m

Sommet du Solert

2 800 m

La Met

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our resort

Escape to Val-Cenis to find yourself better!

Between the Vanoise National Park and Lake Mont-Cenis, in the heart of a preserved mountain, the five villages of Sollières-Sardières, Bramans, Termignon, Lanslebourg and Lanslevillard form the DNA of Val Cenis.

“Between family walks and glacier hikes, live fully to the rhythm of nature! ”

Val Cenis

From 1,300 m to 2,800 m. The mountain all year round, and the promise of a different ski. Val Cenis is generosity within everyone’s reach. You deserve the alpine exception!