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Canopée des cimes

Between the sky and Mont Cenis lake 1,000 metres below, this panoramic mountaintop platform at the top of the slopes will transport you in a magical experience that everyone can enjoy: a magnificent view over the most beautiful summits of the French and Italian Alps.

One of the most

amazing panorama

of the Alps summits

The “canopée des cîmes”

Located at the top of the Met, the highest point of the Val Cenis ski area (2,800 metres), the “Canopée des Cimes” is a suspended platform that can accommodate fifteen to twenty people simultaneously.
A bridge between land and sky: when the chairlift arrived, skiers used to walk as close as possible to the break in the slope to discover, as far as the eye could see, the Mont-Cenis massif and the peaks of the Italian and French Alps.

With this “Canopy of the Peaks”, Val Cenis offers its visitors a very original experience, while respecting the values of the resort, both authentic and attentive to the unique environment that surrounds it. Masts and cables are particularly discreet in the landscape. The promoters and designers of the “Canopée des Cimes”, to be discovered in both winter and summer, have already succeeded in the technical challenge of providing Val Cenis with original equipment, accessible to the greatest number of people at altitude.