From 1st to 3rd April 2022Nature and Skiin Val Cenis
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From 1st to 3rd April 2022

Nature and Ski in Val Cenis

Val Cenis is organising the first edition of “Nature and Ski in Val Cenis”, an event combining skiing, leisure and the environment. Two days to discover that tourism and preserved environment rhyme with sustainable development.


Friday 1st April 2022

• Arrival in Val Cenis (discounts for people travelling to Modane by train and taking the electric transport service from Modane to Val Cenis).
8pm-9.30pm: Welcome and presentation of the weekend’s programme with a screening of national premiere of a film “Une vie de bouquetin” by Anne & Erik Lapied.

Saturday 2nd April 2022

9.30am-12.30pm: Skiing lessons in groups organised per level (5 to 12 skiers per group, possibility of snowshoeing lessons for non-skiers).
10am-4pm: Event village at the foot of the slopes, with stands for nature workshops and activities such as wildlife observation, cheesemaking demonstration, animal photography exhibition, etc.
5.30pm-7pm: Screening of films for families/children.
9pm-10.30pm: Screening of the film “Conscience”.

Sunday 3rd April 2022

9.30am-12.30pm: Skiing lessons in groups organised per level (5 to 12 skiers per group, possibility of snowshoeing lessons for non-skiers) with visits to the tranquillity zones established in the ski area to protect the black grouse.
10am-4pm: Event village at the foot of the slopes with stands for nature workshops and activities.
From 3.30pm: Transport by electric vehicle back to Modane station.

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Nature and the ski resort, a topic that already has a long history in Val Cenis

• Val Cenis is the second largest municipal territory in mainland France and 50% of that territory is protected. The ski area accounts for just 1%.
• Val Cenis is located right in the heart of the Vanoise National Park.
• Since 2014 Val Cenis has had its own environment observatory to gain a better understanding of the region’s outstanding natural heritage in order to protect it more effectively.
• Conferences and debates on the topics of tourism and the environment have been hosted here for several years now.

→ Find out more about environmental measures in Val Cenis

Val Cenis, the first resort in Maurienne to boast the Flocon Vert seal of approval

On Friday 26th November 2021, the Mountain Riders association awarded “Flocon Vert” certification to the resort of Val Cenis.

This marks the beginning of a collective venture to make Val Cenis a sustainable destination where economic activity co-exists with eco-friendly approaches.

The seal of approval is awarded for 3 years and subject to an interim evaluation. Hence, we are at the start of a process that of course aims for continual improvement!

This is why the very first “Nature & Ski in Val Cenis” event is taking place this winter.

Les points forts de la station qui marquent la distinction

  • A phytoremediation water treatment plant based on the local vegetation of Mont Cenis.
  • Support for agriculture through GIDA and by the diversification of farming activities and irrigation systems.
  • La Maison des Enfants, a family welfare facility that is committed to waste reduction and which welcomes disabled children without any distinction being made in their activities.
  • An early-bird pricing system (the earlier you purchase your weekly or seasonal lift pass, the greater the discount).

3 questions for...

Morgane Gauché

PR Manager for the semi-public company managing the Val Cenis ski area

Why this event, this winter?

The ski area has been working towards this event for several years now. It follows on from the conferences and debates organised every winter in Val Cenis on the topic of tourism and the environment. The project was ready, as the Flocon Vert certification in November 2021 has confirmed. Indeed, visitor awareness is one of the key issues that came up in feedback from the task force groups involved in the Flocon Vert proceedings. The creation of this event is a tangible result of the action that has been taken..


What are the expected outcomes for the resort?

The resort is determined to spread awareness among its clients, educating them (families and children in particular) on the local environment, because greater knowledge leads to mindfulness. We also intend to spread the word about all the environment protection measures that have been taken in Val Cenis for many years now.


Do you have an idea what’s next?

I hope this event is just the start of a fabulous adventure! Ideally we’d like to extend this “Nature & Ski” event to a whole week in future years. This first event is a taster that will tell us whether or not the format and content meet with our visitors’ expectations.



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