from 25 to 31 January 2020

National Accordion Festival

19th edition

A festival that combines winter, the mountains and the warmth of a festive atmosphere with the sound of the accordion. A parade, concerts and galas, Master Class meetings and above all artists happy to share exceptional moments with you in the heart of this village of character that is Val Cenis Termignon.

Two friends

some accordions

an amazing idea!

This festival was not born by chance, it is the result of a friendship between Pollux and Daniel, a common desire to bring Termignon to life in the heart of winter, to share the joy of music and dance with the inhabitants and people in this village of Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

“In 2002, with my accomplice Daniel Gaïnetdinoff, we dared to launch this crazy idea: to organize a popular event in a small village of 450 inhabitants. Our common knowledge put at the service of this madness has allowed the success that has grown over the years, with always the logistics of the Tourist Office and the municipality, and an energy of all the living forces of all.
A real pride to be able to present different artists, musette, variety, classical, swing, jazz, and regional, which makes it a festival of discovery.
Of course I travel around France, I question my contacts, I observe, I listen and I am on the lookout for differences, but what a joy to see the result!
Despite the hours of doubt and concern. Long live the accordion and popular culture!” – Pollux

The programme

of this 19th edition

Claudine, President of the Festival and Pollux, Founding Director are pleased to present, as every year, talented artists who will amaze and thrill you:
Alex Lorenzo, Belfast Rovers, Nini Poulain, Salim Sferdjella, Christophe Le Fur, Yvette’s Not Dead, Dominique Legrand, Coralie Husson, Fabien Lorh Trio, Fred Deschamps, Augustinas Rakauskas…

Eyes full, ears full, with the strapless pianos!

In Termignon, no shivering but emotion!
  • Saturday 25 January 2020

    7pm: Festival opening diner

    8.30pm: Festival opening evening

  • Sunday 26 January 2020

    2pm: Morning OFF and selection of the National Trophy

    8pm: musical entertainment in restaurants

  • Monday 27 Hanuary 2020

    In the morning: animation on the radio

    5:45pm: Concert at the church by Augustinas Rakauskas

    8pm: musical entertainment in restaurants

  • Tuesday 28 January 2020

    In the morning: animation on the radio

    8pm: musical entertainment in bars

  • Wednesday 29 January 2020

    In the morning: animation on the radio

    5pm: Departure of the Parade towards the podium installed at the start of the slopes

  • Thursday 30 January 2020

    In the morning: animation on the radio

    8.30pm: Closing evening of the 19th National Accordion Festival of Termignon

  • Friday 31 January 2020

    Dinner between festivalgoers and artists in an altitude restaurant.

Booking for the concert at the church, gala evening, information:

Tourist Office of Val Cenis Termignon  0033 479 205 167

Winter trip at

the country of accordion

To have fun, there is no season!

An event to be fully experienced!

For 19 years, the festival has conquered its letters of nobility and is an essential date in the world of accordion. Here, no old-fashionedness…. Nothing but delicacies!
Young talents, musette, jazz, Irish, Slavic, rock n’ roll sounds…

Listen to the Festival radio every morning and attend the presentation of the Golden Bellows, the National Trophy and the Roman Trophy Valloire.
Let yourself be carried away by the melodies, the friendliness and the festive spirit that emerge in the streets, shops, bars and restaurants of Termignon.

Why in winter season?

Why in Termignon?

To discover, enjoy and... come back!

Did you know that in the 19th century, the inhabitants of the village were nicknamed “Fanfarons”? One of the village’s associations bears this name and participates widely in the successful running of the Accordion National Festival.

Should we “brag” more in Termignon than elsewhere? Probably, because there’s nothing wrong with that!

  • Termignon (which, since 1 January 2017, has been part of the new municipality of Val Cenis) is the second largest municipality in metropolitan France (408 km²) after Arles in the Bouches du Rhône.
  • Most of its territory (686 hectares) is located in the central zone of the Vanoise National Park, the first French national park, inaugurated on 6 July 1963.
  • Every first Sunday in October, we come to the Termignon fair (121st edition in 2019), one of the oldest fairs in Savoie!
  • It is at the fair that you can buy “the treasure” for a few cents! Made in the mountain pastures of Termignon at an altitude of more than 2,000m, with the raw milk from the herds of Tarine and Abondance cows, this blue-veined cheese has an incomparable flavour!
    Bleu de Termignon is rare but fine gourmets have their addresses in the village and in the best cheese dairies of the capital!
  • Historic monuments of great cultural value
    • The Weeping Woman: a pacifist memorial to the dead depicting a woman in local costume who mourns a loved one lost in war by holding her face in her hands. This work, created in 1931 by the Swiss sculptor Luc Jaggi-Couvert (from Termignon), is of exceptional beauty.
    • Notre-Dame de l’Assomption church: in baroque style (profusion of colours, paintings, gilding), this church is one of the most remarkable in Maurienne and is part of the “Chemin du Baroque” tour: five carved, gilded and polychrome wooden altarpieces created by sculptors Sébastien Rosaz and Bernard Flandin of Termignon, assisted by Jean Simond de Bramans.
    • The chapels of Saint-André, Saint-Roch, Saint-Colomban (1514) and the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Visitation (1536), originally called “Notre-Dame du Poivre” because it was located on the spice route between Lyon and Milan, are worth a visit.
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