from 20 to 24 March 2021

Festival C'est l'Printemps

in Val Cenis

C'est l'printemps à Val Cenis

Master of ceremonies Laurent Gerra welcomes his friends to the auditorium of Val Cenis Lanslebourg.

2021 programming in progress but you can already add the date to your diary!


by Laurent Gerra

After the winter waltz of snowflakes and hurtling down slopes, at last the first buds emerge and the sun’s rays finally appear …

Spring joyfully brings a succession of firsts!

This year, it coincides with the very first crank of the cinematograph by the Lumière brothers, 125 years ago… A good reason for this “C’est l’primtemps à Val Cenis” festival to celebrate the themes of Cinema and friendship.

To open this season, the famous French TV presenter Michel Drucker will do us the exclusive honour of presenting his brand new show.

Second exclusivity and another regular at the Festival: Thierry Frémaux will talk about the great cinematographic adventure and the sequel to the film that dazzled us all last year.

With all her usual sensitivity, the sublime Françoise Fabian will perform songs from her first album … The legendary press review and accompanying mayhem will of course be there too!

To close the festival, our friend Daniel Auteuil will present his musical, a “lunch in the air”, between poetry and songs.

So, while the dark is in the room, sit comfortably in your chair, and make as if skiing, let yourself slide!

Winter is ending

It's Spring time!

in Val Cenis

A 9th edition placed under the sign of cinema


celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the 7th Art with a programme:

  • Saturday, March 21: “De vous à moi”, new show of Michel Drucker
  • Sunday, March 22nd: “Light! The adventure continues”, a film composed and commented live by Thierry Frémaux.
  • Monday 23 March: “La Revue de presse” by Paris Première
  • Tuesday, March 24th: “Françoise Fabian in concert”
  • Wednesday, March 25: “Déjeuner en l’air”, Daniel Auteuil in a musical show based on the work of Paul-Jean Toulet

The shows take place at 8:30 pm – except on 22/03: 6 pm – at the Laurent Gerra Auditorium in Val Cenis Lanslebourg.


During two touring seasons, Michel Drucker enchanted us with his first show “Seul avec vous”.

There was revealed his incredible talent for storytelling, his sensitive and delicate humor, his taste for anecdotes full of flavor, his infinite love for this profession and all those who dedicate their lives to it.

He has so many amazing, moving and of course delightfully funny things to tell us that a second show, the main themes of which he presents to us, has imposed itself on him.

This is the show “From you to me” which he will present to us exclusively at the Festival.

Designed and commented on live by Thierry Frémaux, director general of the Lumière Institute.
Duration: 1h30
Original format respected – Lumière films: 1.33

After “Lumière!” The adventure begins “this new opus allows you to discover new Lumière films
in extraordinary restored copies.

Above all, it intends to explore in more depth the history of the invention and the affirmation of cinema in the world.

This new montage wants to tell a large audience that the roots of the most beautiful films in the history of cinema lie there, in its origins, which are both French and international.

Hosted by Jérôme de Verdière. The summits call has struck again …

For this 9th edition of the festival “C’est l’printemps à Val Cenis”, the whole troop of La revue de presse is leaving Parisian pollution, like every year, to breathe a good dose of fresh humor at Laurent Gerra’s. Impossible not to be a victim of the intoxication of summits!

The favorite imitator of the French receives La Revue de Presse at his home in Val Cenis and will join Jérôme de Verdière and all his gang: Jacques Mailhot, Bernard Mabille, Elodie Poux, Régis Mailhot, Philippe Chevallier, Stéphane Rose, Didier Porte, Thierry Rocher, Walter, Florence Brunold and Michel Guidoni.

And always Deligne in the drawings.

Françoise Fabian is an icon of French cinema. However, she continues to dream of another of her passions: music.

The music, which she touched with her fingertips years ago, and which became a reality for her in 2015 when she interpreted two titles from the album “Les Gens dans l’énergie” written and composed by Alex Beaupain for accompany the eponymous live by Isabelle Monnin.

Françoise presents her first album, produced by Alex Beaupain, who wrote a few titles, but who especially knew how to bring together with and around her big names in French song in order to build an original repertoire: Julien Clerc, Vincent Delerm , Charles Aznavour, La Grande Sophie, Dominique A, Nicolas Kerr…

A musical show around the poet Paul-Jean Toulet conceived and interpreted by Daniel Auteuil, accompanied by Pascal Garry on the guitar to which are added accordionist and pianist.

Daniel Auteuil offers a musical show entitled “Déjeuner en l’air” around the work of Paul-Jean Toulet, French poet of the early twentieth century, which he will accompany with texts by other famous French authors.

On music he specially wrote for these texts, Daniel Auteuil will recite, say, sing and accompany himself on the guitar.

He will also converse with the public on passages from his acting career.