Chapel Saint-Clair

Historic site and monument, Religious building, Chapel at Val-Cenis

  • In the heart of the hamlet of Verney in Val Cenis Bramans, 17th century baroque altarpiece.

    The chapel dedicated to Saint-Clair was built before 1600. But there was another one long before that. Indeed, the 1609 terrier indicates that the brotherhood of Verney has "a house with its courtyard located near the chapel of Saint-Clair, adjoining the cart of the oven of the east, the ducal path of the south, the house and the hemp tree and the passage of Oudra Garin from the west and midnight included the seat of the old chapel".
    In 1700, it was a chapel with an open nave and no door, the choir closed and panelled. It is maintained by the village of Le Verney and is the responsibility of Pierre the late Antoine Symond. From 1853, it was under the authority of the municipal council.
    St. Clair, abbot in Vienna, Dauphiné, died in 660. He is called upon to treat and cure all eye diseases. It is also used to protect against the plague.
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    • In the town centre
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  • Free
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    until September 1, 2020
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