Bessans jadis et Aujourd'hui

Associations at Bessans

  • Bessans and today is an association that, since 1978, proposes to make known and enhance the heritage of Bessans.

    Bessans, a village of Haute-Maurienne, at the extreme limit of life at altitude, where Savoyard and Piedmontese influences combine, which has kept its traditions for a long time.
    Its heritage is important from both a historical and linguistic point of view. It retains the traces of a singular way of life.
    It follows a lot of research work and archiving in the form of photos, films, sound recordings, written documents, collection of objects ... etc.
    This very rich fund is published and exposed in the form of newsletters, books, exhibitions and various animations of which you can have a preview on this site.
    BJA is also interested in today's life because: The Bessans of today is the old days of tomorrow.
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