Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Nordic ski resorts

Haute Maurienne Vanoise also offers a vast Nordic playground in the ski areas of the Monolithe Aussois-Val Cenis Sardières, Val Cenis Bramans Val d’Ambin and Bessans. Whether you enjoy cross-country skiing for contemplation or fitness, just for fun or at competition level, there’s a Nordic area adapted to your needs.

200 kms of tracks

These 3 areas offer groomed footpaths and immense stretches where leaving your tracks in the squeaky virgin snow is almost as good for your health as meditation.
Snowshoeing and Nordic walking fans, delay no more, come to nordic ski resorts of Haute Maurienne Vanoise!

Aussois & Val Cenis Sardières

Ski area open from 19/12/2020 to 13/03/2021

The Monolithe Nordic area at an elevation of 1,500 metres is accessible by public transport or by car and is split between the resorts of Val Cenis Sardières and Aussois.

For classic-style or ski-skating, whatever your level, the Monolith offers 30 km of fantastic trails catering for every aspect of cross-country skiing as well as contemplation.

And of course, you can test your dexterity by taking part in your first biathlon.

Val Cenis Bramans – Val d’Ambin

Ski area open from 19/12/2020 to 13/03/2021

The Nordic area of Bramans Val d’Ambin at an elevation of 1,600 metres can be reached by bus from the resort of Val Cenis Bramans.

It is suitable for all levels and conducive to contemplation. Why not ski cross-country to Saint Pierre d’Extravache church?

A long circuit with slightly uphill and slightly downhill stretches allows beginners to progress at their own pace on forest trails as far as Le Planay.

If you’ve never been to this sector with 30 km of trails, it’s worth a visit. In winter or summer, you’ll love it!


Ski area open from  07/11/2020 to 16/04/2021

The Bessans Nordic area at 1,750 metres offers 133 km of groomed trails for ski-skaters and classic cross-country skiers.

This area is rather unusual because, unlike its two neighbours, it has very few trees and offers a magnificent view of the Charbonnel glacier.

Here, you can enjoy hours of relaxation or intensive exercise at the heart of the vast snow-covered mountain plateau.

As you probably know, Bessans boasts an international biathlon stadium, so hurry, book your introductory course without delay!

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