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Performance and authenticity

With authentic villages and cutting-edge resorts, Haute Maurienne Vanoise is a concentrate of tradition and innovation. Find out for yourself, on the slopes and in the little streets of the villages and hamlets.

Performance and authenticity

With 350 km of Alpine ski slopes in 6 resorts, Haute Maurienne Vanoise offers a vast playground while retaining a village atmosphere and a spirit of togetherness. Valfréjus, La Norma, Aussois, Val Cenis, Bessans and Bonneval-sur-Arc are family resorts with a human touch that strike a perfect balance between authenticity and state-of-the-art ski facilities.

From Valfréjus to Val Cenis and Aussois, the chairlifts and gondolas are ultra-modern and highly efficient. Every year, the ski lifts and safety systems are updated to offer skiers even more fluidity, even higher accessibility and even greater comfort. For example, Val Cenis acquired, in December 2018, a brand new gondola lift with 10 heated seats! At Valfréjus, it takes barely 13 minutes to reach the top of the ski area which culminates at 2,737 metres.

Today, our ski areas strive to reconcile development with environmental protection, for example by restricting the number of pylons installed and equipping the ski lift cables with visual sytems to minimise the risk of collision with birds.

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High in the mountains, it is technically difficult for telephone networks, 4G included, to offer perfect 100% coverage. Indeed, the operators are right to call them “white zones” here! So the ski areas do all they can to provide good Wifi coverage.


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Despite the fact that the slopes and centre-resorts have resolutely entered the digital world, the villages have fully retained their authenticity.

The architecture has been preserved and the museums recount the history of the valley. At the Arche d’Oé d’Aussois or the Erablo in Bessans, for example, you can discover that in winter the villagers used to keep warm by living in the same rooms as their animals.

As you walk around Bonneval sur Arc, take a good look at the balconies. You will see perfectly stacked “grobons”, which are slabs of dried cow dung. They used to serve as fuel in this area where timber was too scarce to be used for firewood.

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