High valley

Inhabited all year round

Our villages are inhabited all year round, and that makes all the difference!

Living here, in the mountains

The residents of Haute Maurienne Vanoise are versatile workers: ski patrollers, lift attendants or ski instructors in winter, woodworkers, plant drivers or mountain guides in summer.
Farmers, on the other hand, are busy all year round looking after their animals while also working during the winter in the heart of the ski areas.
It is this commitment from the local population that gives Haute Maurienne Vanoise that little extra spirit.
Haute Maurienne Vanoise has less than 10,000 inhabitants, and half of these live in the two villages of Modane-Fourneaux and Val Cenis Lanslebourg-Val Cenis Lanslevillard.
Yet almost all of the hamlets, from Le Villard in Saint André to L’Ecot at the very bottom of the valley, are inhabited all year round.
In winter, for example, go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing to La Goulaz on the edge of Bessans. At the end of the track you’ll discover a picture postcard landscape of traditional houses surrounded by snow a few metres deep… and smoking chimneys!
Because even here, in this magical place hidden from the world, people live all year round. Each resident feels attached to the hamlet, the village and the valley and is a true ambassador of Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

Here, holidaymakers are welcomed by professionals who can reveal the secrets of each village, every little valley and every single slope. It is not unusual to have the privilege of observing real-life scenes or hearing the legends and history of this high valley. Valfréjus, La Norma, Aussois, Val Cenis, Bessans, Bonneval-sur-Arc: shared heritage and hospitality throughout the year.

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