18th editionThe Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc16th to 19th January 2022

The Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc

18ème édition

Like every Winter since 2005, La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc will be putting on a show with an extraordinary race in the Haute Maurienne Vanoise resorts. From 16th to 19th January 2022, some fifty mushers and over 600 sled dogs will be present in Bessans, Bonneval sur Arc, Aussois and Val Cenis. A spectacular race, close to nature and in the heart of the vast snow-covered mountains of Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

Health protocol

In order for the 18th edition of La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc to take place in the best possible conditions, a valid health pass is required for adults and children over 12 years old and 2 months old to access the start and finish sites of the race. On these sites, the wearing of a mask is also compulsory for adults and children from 11 years old during the whole event.
The sanitary pass is compulsory for any seated consumption (refreshment bar and catering) on the organised and dedicated areas.
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5 reasons to attend

The Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc

in the resorts of Haute Maurienne Vanoise

5 reasons to attend

Seeing the dogs paw at the ground at the start, pulling with all their might and sprinting off is a unique experience. Dogs that are born to race in the extreme cold, and which train all year round to do their best during the stages. Animals that are pampered by their mushers and handlers. Humans and dogs make a real team, and you can get a proper look at the start and finish lines.

The mass-start from Bessans

Ten or so teams on the same starting line. At the end of the plateau, several hundred metres further on, only one team can come first. During this mass-start (departures for other stages occur team by team in “race against time” fashion), the dogs all start sprinting to get ahead when the route gets narrower. A real show!
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Mont Cenis Polar Base

In Val Cenis, the mushers and their dogs spend the night in a bivouac shelter in the pass of Mont Cenis. At an altitude of 2000 m, the mushers sleep in the tent with their dogs in a Far North atmosphere, worthy of the most extreme expeditions. A polar base that is accessible by day to skiers from the Val Cenis slopes and to pedestrians via the La Ramasse chairlift.
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Arrivals and departures within the resorts

In Bessans, Bonneval sur Arc, Aussois and Val Cenis, La Grande Odyssée is an opportunity for a great show and various events. The arrivals and departures (except for the Polar base) take place at the start of the slopes, or even in the centre of the villages. A wonderful show outside your apartment or chalet.

Vast open spaces

Seeing the sled dogs running with the sun setting over the snowy plateaus is an image that you won’t forget. An image full of poetry, adventure and nature that you can freely enjoy along the mountain routes of the different stages in Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

The stages

Sunday 16th January 2022

Mass start from Bessans

The teams race from the same starting line from the northern plateau. For this stage, the teams arrive in the centre of Bonneval sur Arc, a gem of a ski resort listed as one of the most Beautiful Villages in France.

The stage in detail and the programme of the day’s events

→ Programme of events for the arrival in Bonneval sur Arc

Monday 17th January 2022

Aussois Stage

Loop on the south side of the valley, passing through the Monolithe forest.

The stage in detail and the programme of the day’s events

Tuesday 18th January 2022

Val Cenis Stage

Stage leading to Mont Cenis with stopover in the Polar base.

The stage in detail and the programme of the day’s events

Wednesday 19th January 2022

Final stage of Val Cenis

Departure from Mont-Cenis going near the lake.

The stage in detail and the programme of the day’s events

Final arrival in the centre of the resort

Closing ceremony

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