La Traversée des Rois MagesValfréjus-Bardonecchia
Sunday 29 March 2020

La Traversée des Rois Mages


The “Traversée des Rois Mages” is a ski mountaineering event that commemorates one of the oldest ski crossings in the Alps.
The race is open to all ski tourers, regardless of their physical and technical level. Two routes are proposed to connect Valfréjus in France to the Vallée Etroite in Italy.

Besides being a sporting challenge, the appeal of the Traversée des Rois Mages lies in its magical setting.

A universe of white dotted with sleeping alpine chalets, and serene silence as far as the eye can see.

From Valfréjus, the itinerary heads for the Thabor refuge before descending to the Re Magi refuge and arriving at the hamlet of  Les Granges de la Vallée Etroite, just a short distance from Bardonecchia, in Italy.

2 routes are proposed to connect Val Fréjus to Les Granges de la Vallée Etroite.

  • The routes are traced and marked out, after validation by a professional.
  • Participants can follow these itineraries either independently with their club or under the supervision of volunteers from the CAFs of Modane, Maurienne, Briançon and CAI.
  • A security headcount is carried out on both itineraries.

An exceptional trail across a majestic site



Les Rois Mages is a small rocky massif composed of three summits – Pointe Gaspard 2,808 m, Pointe Melchior 2,948 m, and Pointe Balthazar 3,153 m – which stand opposite the Vallée Etroite pass.

The Thabor massif, with its peak reaching 3,178 m, stands on the border of the neighbouring department of Hautes-Alpes. Whether you are touring along the GR5 trail or staying in Valfréjus, you can follow these trails abd spend a night at the Thabor refuge to make the most of this exceptional mountain setting.

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