March 19 and 20, 2022French Freeride Series 2022in Bonneval sur Arc
March 19 and 20, 2022

French Freeride Series 2022

19-20 March 2022 for the very first time, Bonneval sur Arc is to host the French Freeride Series, inviting the best freeride skiers from France and across Europe to put on a spectacular off-piste display. Whatever you do don’t miss the Full Moon session when a few top freeriders will hurtle at night down couloirs lit by powerful projectors.

Snow galore

Depths of 10 metres frequently accumulated!

Secret spots to take your breath away

A real gem perched above one of France’s most beautiful villages.

Trace your lines

Enjoy virgin snow, even after several days without fresh snowfall.

With so much going for it, it’s no wonder that Bonneval sur Arc is to play host to the best French and European freeriders for the French Freeride Series taking place here on March 19 and 20, 2022.

Skiers hoping to take part in the Freeride World Tour must first prove their worth and earn their place. In France, the French Freeride Series is their chance to qualify for the dream event. A number of French resorts are to host the various heats of the French Freeride Series.


The competitions are rated according to their level of difficulty: from 1 star (for the easiest series, open to all) to 4 stars.
In 2022, Bonneval sur Arc will host a 3-star series of three competitions: one for youths (Freeride Junior Tour), one for adults (Freeride World Qualifier) and a night event (Full Moon).

So we can expect to see dozens of budding freeriders and professionals, competing to win those precious points they need to qualify for the Freeride World Tour.

The competitions will take place on the Saturday morning (or Sunday morning if Saturday’s weather is too uncertain) with the Full Moon descents on the Saturday evening.

“A great tempo (…) and a breathtaking spectacle!”


The competition is reserved for expert freeriders, but the descents will be comfortably visible to all spectators watching from the ski area.

Seen from the slopes, the show promises to be fast-paced and truly spectacular!

French Freeride Series:

who can take part?

FWQ (Freeride World Qualifier)

The Freeride World Qualifier series is reserved for adult competitors only. It opens the door, for the best freeriders, to the Freeride World Tour.
All year round, dozens of events of this kind take place across the entire world.
The competitions are rated by level of difficulty: from 1 star for the easiest, open to all, to 4 stars for the most technically challenging descents, reserved for freeriders who have already demonstrated what they can do in the 3 lower categories.

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FJT (Freeride Junior Tour)

This competition  reserved for youg freeriders aged 15 to 18 years takes the same form as the one for the  “grown-ups” in terms of judgement, format, safety and so on.
The only differences are the easier trajectory, smaller elevation range and exclusion of certain exposed areas.

So, in Bonneval sur Arc, dozens of young competitors will be freeriding not far from the adults but in a more “accessible”sector.

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3 questions for...

Henri Charrier

A ski instructor in Bonneval sur Arc who competed in the Freeride World Tour in 2007.

Tell us about your experience!

When you live in Bonneval sur Arc, skiing is virtually second nature. I was on skis by the age of two years, before following the “classic” skiing path: ski club, training, races, etc. I got a few good results, especially in the technical disciplines, giant and slalom. But by then I was already more into powder than slalom posts. My coach even used to say I’d never succeed in downhill because I enjoyed skiing too much! It’s true that, whenever I spotted fresh snow before a competition, I’d go and trace my curves instead of concentrating on my race… All the same, I continued downhill racing until my lycée years, but didn’t manage to go any further. So I became a ski instructor and, above all, tried to get into freeride skiing. It wasn’t easy because I didn’t know anyone in those circles but I worked hard to earn my place and was able to participate in the Freeride World Tour in 2007. Nowadays, if the conditions are right and my customers are good enough skiers, I inevitably take them to enjoy the off-piste sectors of Bonneval sur Arc!

What is your favourite freeride spot?

I have loads. Bonneval sur Arc is a fabulous playground whatever your preference. You can trace wide curves in the powder, hurtle down couloirs or jump 15-metre walls! I’ve done a lot of jumps but I’ve calmed down a bit now because my back keeps reminding me I’m not a teenager any more… But at the end of the day, my favourite challenge is to throw myself down a steep slope where there’s no room for error.

How does it feel to be hosting the French Freeride Series?

It’s a great pleasure and a proud moment. Bonneval sur Arc is a real gem for freeriders. We always have amazing conditions with huge quantities of snow. This resort deserves more fame and recognition. It offers real opportunities for the local youth too. It’s quite something to be able to compete in the Freeride World Qualifier or Junior Tour, here at the end of the Haute Maurienne valley.

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