March 18, 2023French Freeride Seriesin Bonneval sur Arc
March 18, 2023

French Freeride Series

On March 18th 2023, Bonneval sur Arc will host for the 2nd time the French Freeride Series. The best French and European freeriders will take off for spectacular off-piste lines. Not to be missed: the “full moon” freeride runs which will allow some of the top riders to race down the slopes at night, under the light of powerful spotlights.

A lot of snow

At the border of Italy, Bonneval sur Arc benefits from the big “returns from the East” which bring huge quantities of powder snow. At the end of the season, we frequently count 10m in total !

Secret and spectacular spots

A ski area open until the end of April and which culminates at 3000 m.

Put down your tracks

At the very end of the Maurienne valley, and yet easily accessible (TGV and freeway to Modane and then a beautiful road without twists and turns), the resort of Bonneval sur Arc is still preserved. Take advantage of virgin fields, even several days after the last snowfall.

With so many assets, Bonneval sur Arc has everything to host the best French and European freeriders at the French Freeride Series which will take place on March 18*, 2023.

*deferring to Sunday, March 19, in case of bad weather on Saturday, March 18.

“A show (…) rhythmic and spectacular!”

While the competition is only for seasoned freeriders, the runs will be easily visible to all from the ski area.

The show as seen from the slopes promises to be rhythmic and spectacular!

The French Freeride Series,

what is it?

In order to participate in the Freeride World Tour, you have to prove yourself and win your place in the Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ).

In France, the FWQ are organized in a real circuit that takes place all winter: the French Freeride Series. It is by participating in this circuit that freeriders can earn the points that will allow them to access the “World Cup”.

Several French resorts are hosting events in the French Freeride Series. The competitions are classified according to their level of difficulty: from 1 star (the easiest ones which are open to everyone) to 4 stars. In Bonneval sur Arc, the face, quite long and technical, is classified “3 stars”.

The French Freeride Series,

who is it for?

In 2023, the resort will host two competitions: one for juniors (the Freeride Junior Tour), another for adults (the FWQ as part of the French Freeride Series). Dozens of professional and up-and-coming freeriders will be there to score valuable points in the race for the Freeride World Tour.

FWTQ (Freeride World Tour Qualifier)

The Freeride World Qualifier is the circuit reserved for adult competitors. It allows the best to access the Freeride World Tour. In Bonneval sur Arc, the face being classified 3 stars, the competition is open to skiers, skiers, snowboarders and snowborders who have already proven themselves and have already acquired points.

FWTJ (Freeride World Tour Junior)

This event reserved for 15 to 18 year olds follows the same model as the “big kids” one: judging, format, safety… Only the difficulty of the routes, the vertical drops and the access to some exposed areas change.

At Bonneval sur Arc, several dozen young competitors will therefore set off not far from the adults but on a more “accessible” sector. The FJT of Bonneval sur Arc is classified 3 stars.

Join the party!

At Bonneval sur Arc, with a 3-star rated face, the competition is reserved for seasoned freeriders. But the descents will be easily visible from the ski area. The show seen from the slopes is intense and ultra rhythmic: adults and juniors take turns on parallel lines and adapted to their level.

For the spectators installed just in front, on the Mulinet side, it will be a real continuous show with dozens of riders and jumps to watch. Entertainment is also planned on site (DJ, speaker). An event that all skiers present on the ski area of Bonneval sur Arc can enjoy (pedestrian access will be possible). To best observe the runs, remember to equip yourself with binoculars.

After admiring these skiers and snowboarders you want to enjoy the powder or progress in freeride safely?
La Marmotte Vénère advises you to call on the pros at the ski school !

Have you seen my face?

Riders’ opinion on La Léchette, the face punctuated by rock bars and big jumps with slopes up to 45° that Marmotte Vénère programmed for the competition in Bonneval sur Arc.

Jérôme Berlioz, Freeride World Qualifier Bonneval sur Arc 2022

Gabin Bouzane, 17, Freeride Junior Tour Bonneval sur Arc 2022, and Eloi Vidoni, 19, Freeride World Qualifier Bonneval sur Arc 2022

Valentin Perret, Freeride World Qualifier Bonneval sur Arc 2022

Jumping, skiing, style: how do we judge it all?

For a monchu, not much distinguishes an exceptional run from a committed descent. Still, you have to rank the dozens of skiers and snowboarders who take turns racing. Whether they get to the bottom or not is not enough to know if they have succeeded in their run. Fortunately, competition judges have an expert eye.

To evaluate the run, the judges use a point system with 100 graduations from 0.0 to 10.0. Line choice, flow of the run, jumps and level of control on the way down the face are the key criteria for judging. This judging is issued by a panel of 3 judges (3 for skiing, 3 for snowboarding) specially trained and certified by the Pro Freeriders Board (PFB), and overseen by a head judge per discipline. The explanations of Juliette Willmann, pro skier and judge in Bonneval sur Arc in 2022.

Juliette Willmann, pro skier and judge at Bonneval sur Arc in 2022