Bonneval Sur Arc Hiver Fromage Bleu De Bonneval A PernetBonneval Sur Arc Hiver Fromage Bleu De Bonneval A Pernet
©Bonneval Sur Arc Hiver Fromage Bleu De Bonneval A Pernet

Bleu de Bonneval cheese

This cylindrical blue-vein cheese has a straight heel, blue-grey rind, and a soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Treasure of the high mountain pastures

Cows of the “Tarentaise” and “Abondance” breeds produce milk of a richness beyond compare!

This milk is also used to make Beaufort PDO as well as the delicious cheeses produced by the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Cooperative.

Bleu de Bonneval sur Arc is made exclusively with milk produced by the dairy farms of Bessans and Bonneval sur Arc.

In summer, the high mountain pastures (above 2,000 m) in full flower offer our dairy cows the healthy diet  that gives this cheese its unique taste.

Our cheesemakers are experts when it comes to transforming this milk into a creamy, blue-veined cheese that delights our taste buds!

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