8th editionLekkarod18th and 19th March 2023
Tlk22 Bessans Bonnevald Video CoverTlk22 Bessans Bonnevald Video Cover


Bessans, at 1750m, is renowned for its exceptional Nordic ski area and is also well known in the world of mushing as a venue for competitions of international renown: Lekkarod, La Grande Odyssée, World Championships on snow (IFSS)…
The grandiose landscapes surrounding the plateau of Bessans and the village of Bonneval sur Arc add a unique and unforgettable setting to these races. Add to this the teams of passionate volunteers and you will witness magnificent shows!

Registration, stages, results, gallery… Find all the news of the event on the official website :


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Our dogs have heart…

More than 20 years later, the Lekkarod is reviving what was once the world’s first sled dog race by stages.


In the sumptuous setting of the Alps, mushers from all over Europe meet for a competition based on respect. Respect for people, dogs and nature. An adventure led by a team of passionate volunteers.

The Lekkarod philosophy: Combining performance and respect

In a spirit of international sporting competition of the highest level, the organisers, with many years of experience, have decided to revive the true values of dog sledding:

  • Respect for the dog: adaptation of the routes and the length of the stages, rest time and the existence of a regulation that allows the rotation of the dogs in the race within a predefined group (a team that is only made up of substitutes!)
  • Respect for the competitors (mushers) and their helpers (handlers) who either share the same effort with their dogs on the track, or give their all to ensure that these dogs are prepared and cared for during the rest periods.
  • Respect for nature, through simple civic gestures (cleaning of straw or soiled areas) but also through the respect of the tracks used with the collaboration of the winter sports resorts.

Beyond sport: the Lekkarod, an educational tool

The Lekkarod is intended to be a fun tool for schoolchildren, through various educational materials made available to them as well as a follow-up to the event.

It is also a great study tool for veterinary schools. Thus a strong partnership exists between Lekkarod and the National Veterinary School of Alfort. Every year, many students come to follow the race and their teachers use the data and images collected during the race.

The ENVA is a public and administrative institution of higher education and research under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. It has strong links with the Université Paris-Est, ANSES, INRA and INSERM.