Weather forecast & snow report

Here is the Bessans weather report delivered by Météo France to know in real time the weather for the coming days.



What is the weather like today? Do you prefer skiing, snowshoeing or visiting the heritage?

Snow report


1 730 m

Le Carreley

1 740 m

La Bessannaise

2 000 m

Panoramique de la Saignière

Info traffic

Snow, ice, traffic jams, works, incidents… Traffic forecasts and all the traffic information in Savoie in real time!


our resort

The spaces of the far north, the steep slopes in addition!

Between Vanoise and Italy, at the foot of the highest glaciers, the welcoming valley is a real invitation to travel to the heart of nature.

“Go through the alleys to discover fascinating stories, unusual anecdotes and little secrets that make Bessans a popular and magical place.”


From 1,673 m to 3,752 m. The Nordic soul in an alpine atmosphere… Far from the snow factories, our winter size XXL is to be shared whether you come for skating or alternative, you come back to Bessans.