Nordic and biathlon ski resort

A ski area offering 133 km of trails at an elevation of 1,750 metres, and exceptional snow conditions boosted by snow cannons at the start of the season. All the circuits are suitable for diagonal and ski-skating practices, promising long excursions in the snow and great sensations from the very first day.

from 07/11/2020 to 16/04/2021

Nordic ski area

  • 133 km of groomed trails for both diagonal and skate-skiers
  • 20 trails (6 greens – 7 blues – 4 reds – 3 blacks)
  • 1 laser biathlon stadium
  • 1 pulka/ski joëring trail
  • 15 km of discovery trails


  • Hours of relaxation or exercise, at your own pace, amid the snow-covered immensity of the larch forests for a return to nature in the company of the incredible Charbonnel glacier.
  • Its biathlon stadium, created in 1998, attracts top bi-athletes who find in Bessans the perfect training ground at high altitude with guaranteed snow! If you fancy taking a closer look at this sport, take a 100% biathlon holiday to discover ski-skating techniques and try your hand at rifle shooting. Starting at 10 metres with a laser or lead-shot rifle, you’ll get a taste of how the experts feel later, at 50 metres!
  • Family tip: Sign the children up for Alpine or Nordic skiing lessons in Bessans while you perfect your ski-skating style or your diagonal technique.


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