Alpine ski resort

Believe it or not, Bessans’ little Alpine ski area is very popular with families who are Nordic skiing fans, because the downhill skiing is pleasant and easy! No need for vast slopes for your first downhill experience!

from 19/12/2020 to 16/04/2021

Alpine ski area

  • 2 drag lifts
  • 1 baby rope-lift
  • 3km of slopes (2 blues – 1 green)


  • From the heart of the village, it is easily accessible on foot with a toboggan (if there’s snow on the road) or by car.
  • Many families choose Bessans for this convenience: while parents and grandparents cover endless Nordic trails on foot, skis or snowshoes, the children learn Alpine skiing, or Nordic skiing of course. When they’re a little older, they go downhill skiing at Bonneval-sur-Arc, but Bessans remains the ideal base for cross-country enthusiasts.
  •  nearby ski rentals and ski instructors at hand: everything you need for your first Alpine skiing or snowboarding lesson!
  • Another advantage worth noting: the smaller the ski area, the less you pay for the lift pass!