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Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Vanoise National Park

Enchantment and emotion, this is the Vanoise National Park. Explore this remarkable space in the company of a ranger or mountain guide. We guarantee you’ll be awe-struck!

France’s 1st National Park

This protected area, much of which stretches across Haute Maurienne Vanoise, was established in 1963, notably thanks to Gilbert André who was mayor of Bonneval sur Arc at the time. The central part, or “heart”, is a space that is protected by regulations in order to encourage biodiversity in terms of the landscape, the habitats and the species that live here, as well as preserving the local culture and alpine heritage.

During this winter period, nature everywhere appears to be dormant. But wild animals are definitely present, adopting various strategies to survive the harsh winter months: the marmot hibernates, the black grouse spends the night in an igloo, and the birds that stay puff up their feathers to make their own winter jacket. The other birds migrate to the south of France or to Africa… to return again when the temperature rises.

In winter, our feathered and furry friends require colossal amounts of courage and energy to stay warm and find food, so it is important that skiers and walkers do all they can to avoid disturbing them, as extra effort spent moving around in the snow can be fatal to them.

An opportunity to get closer to nature…

The tasks of national park rangers are extremely varied and include proposing sessions throughout the winter to present their work and help you understand the secrets of the surrounding environment.

Don’t hesitate to call upon our certified “Esprit Parc” mountain leaders. As well as ensuring your
safety on the snowy trails, they’ll also stimulate your curiosity and make you more mindful of the mountain environment and eager to find out more.

For example, this is the best time of year to observe the ibex, when the males come down from the peaks to find food more easily.

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1st French National Park

Created in 1963 in Savoie, between the Maurienne and Tarentaise high valleys, the Vanoise National Park is the first French national park.

Here to guide you

Come to meet the rangers and let them tell you about their work and help you unveil the secrets of this environment.


In Haute Maurienne Vanoise, the Vallonbrun mountain refuge is the only park refuge to remain open and guarded all winter long.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the refuge guardians!

Winter activities in the Park

Want to know more about the Vanoise National Park?

Visit the exhibition (free access) to the Maison de la Vanoise in Val-Cenis Termignon
Rendez-vous on the official website :