From December 11 to 13Samse National Cross‑country Ski Tour Bessans

Samse National Cross‑country Ski Tour Bessans

A must for training athletes, the Samse National Tour is a competitive circuit designed primarily for the next generation and future champions of Nordic disciplines.

As part of the COVID-19, the events will take place this year without an audience.

From November 7, Bessans kicks off the Nordic season thanks to the snowfarming technique which makes it possible to reuse the snow from the previous winter. An early opening, the result of a strategy of constant innovation, which consolidates the “Nordic capital of the Alps” as the benchmark site for cross-country skiing and biathlon in France.

“A vast plain nestling 1750 metres above sea level”


On a vast plain nestled at an altitude of 1,750 m in Haute Maurienne Vanoise, Bessans is a renowned training centre in the world of Nordic skiing. The national and international teams that come to train there are not mistaken!

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