Haute Maurienne Vanoise

ValfréjusWelcome to the Bold Alps1 550 m - 2737 m
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Between authenticity and modernity

In Haute Maurienne Vanoise, on the border with Italy and the Hautes Alpes department, Valfréjus is easily accessible whether you come by train or by car. Opened in 1983, Valfréjus is one of the youngest resorts in France.

Put down your bags and breathe: you are in the mountains, recharge your batteries and enjoy yourself in all simplicity!

→ Valfréjus, the pioneering spirit

Hiking and mountain biking from the lifts

The ski lifts are an excellent way to discover and enjoy the full potential of the mountains. Whether on foot or by mountain bike, they allow you to easily gain altitude and access the main sites from which many activities await you.

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Looking for coolness?

In the water, on the water, in sporty or playful mode, Haute Maurienne Vanoise is full of spots and activities to have fun without suffering from the strong heat.
Take to the heights with the ski lifts open all summer long, breathe in the fresh air while contemplating the summits, discover the waterfalls and high altitude lakes… It is quite simply to appreciate the mountains in summer as they are: a haven of peace, rejuvenation and coolness! Even when temperatures are suffocating in town, in Haute Maurienne Vanoise, between 1000 and 3000 m altitude, they remain mild.

→ Your fresh moments in Haute Maurienne Vanoise

Your family holiday

In Valfréjus, nature is king, the wide open spaces are close to Italy and there are countless family walks. In summer, the centre of the resort is transformed into a large area dedicated to entertainment and activities for all. Children will enjoy the Ludoparc and the Accro ludique park specially designed for them in the heart of the resort, the playgrounds and all the activities programmed. They will be able to enjoy it just a few metres from your balcony!
Tame the wild beauty of a preserved environment to enjoy new experiences and real family holidays.

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Your outdoor activities

Valfréjus offers a multitude of hiking trails towards the Thabor massif, the Seuil, the Hautes-Alpes and Italy. Valfréjus is also on the GR5 route, which goes as far as Nice, and on the heights of the resort you can already feel a little bit of the South. Take advantage of your stay to spend a night at the Thabor refuge oor to bivouac near the Sainte-Marguerite lakes. Discover the mountains on horseback with Stéphane from the equestrian centre (rides, day rides, mountain raids), take to the skies on the Charmaix zip line, progress in complete safety on the Grand Vallon via ferrata. Not forgetting the chairlift and gondola accessible to pedestrians and mountain bikes.
To make your holiday easier, you can also take advantage of Activity Passes with all-inclusive or discounted activities.

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Enjoy the great outdoors

Here, nature is king: between Thabor and Punta Bagna, the resort is close to Italy. The Natura 2000 site of Mont Thabor invites you to come and breathe in the invigorating air of its natural area, where flora and fauna are perfectly combined. A very accessible 3,000 m: Mont Thabor, culminating at 3,178 m, remains mysterious and arouses curiosity by its authentic and wild character. Moreover, with its remarkable geological history, it is a mine of natural treasures. Let yourself be surprised!

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Mountain biking for all

Located on the largest cycling area in the world, Valfréjus is a top destination for cyclists.
For mountain bikers, take the enduro and cross-country courses with their evocative names. By bike, with or without electric assistance, test your endurance on the 14 laces of the road between Modane and Valfréjus. And to get more out of it without putting too much strain on your calves on the way up: the chairlift and gondola are accessible to mountain bikers.
Find your route with the application R-Bikes. A map of mountain bike trails is available at the Valfréjus tourist office.

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Your cultural and heritage discoveries

As you walk through the entrance to Valfréjus, you will discover the sanctuary of Le Charmaix, a sumptuous place of pilgrimage with its medieval chapel clinging to the cliff. To find out more about the history of this chapel and its black Virgin, said to be miraculous, take part in the guided tours led by Laurence, the resort’s guide.
Just below your station, discover the different museums of Modane. With the Museobar, on local history or the Fort Saint Gobain, which allows you to enter a huge underground fort from the Second World War. Before starting the laces up to the station, also discover the Maison Penchée, to defy the laws of balance and discover its amazing history.

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Taste the local flavours

Because holidays are meant to be good for you and we know how to make excellent products, go ahead and push the doors of the shops selling regional products and local producers.
On the heights of the resort, the Fort du Lavoir, former military barracks of the “Maginot des Alpes” line, is now home to the Lavoir mountain pasture. Between the visit of the production and the tasting of the products of the farm, a real moment of pleasure!
While waiting to open their doors and terraces, the restaurant owners offer their specialities to take away or for home delivery. You can count on them, you’re in for a treat!

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