Revitalise, relax, stay safeSunshine, fresh air, wide open spaces...

#Les Alpesgénéreuses are happy to welcome you back (at last!) for an escape that promises fresh mountain air, beautiful scenery, fabulous adventures, relaxation and great food…
Our top priority is, quite simply, to offer you peace of mind on holiday!

To accomplish this, the Val Cenis tourism partners have signed a “Serene Holidays” chartercommitting them to implement appropriate hygiene measures to meet the requirements of their specific professions.

Serene holidays

#Les Alpesgénéreuses to welcome you back (finally!) and provide you with fresh mountain air, a well-deserved break, spectacular landscapes, fantastic new experiences, relaxation and great food…
Our priority is simple: ensure you have a great holiday with peace of mind!

To accomplish this important mission, the Val Cenis Tourism economic partners are committed to respecting the appropriate protective hygiene measures in line with their individual “professions”.

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