Mont‑Cenis lake

Between France and Italy, at an average altitude of 2,000 metres, lies the Mont-Cenis plateau. A magical place with a special microclimate, endemic flowers that grow nowhere else, and mountain pastures well tended by cows, sheep and farmers.
An area that you love to discover on foot, by bike, with this turquoise coloured lake that you can easily walk around, these carpets of rhododendrons, violets and blueberries that give the cheeses made directly in the mountain pasture farms, an unforgettable taste.
This place steeped in history deserves to be visited, to discover that the pass was crossed by stagecoach and train, that Montaigne wrote his will at La Ramasse, that Napoleon traced this route and that there was a hospice by the lake…

A unique place

The Mont-Cenis

between France and Italy

A unique place!

The Mont-Cenis as a whole, since Antiquity, has always been of strategic and commercial importance but also military during the Second World War. Many fortifications are still present and visitable: fort of Ronce, fort of Varisselle, fort of the Turra, fort Malamot.

A very busy passageway with an altitude of 2,000m between France, Haute Maurienne valley and Italy, Val de Suse, Mont-Cenis was home to a hospice, a priory and a natural lake.

The “gravity dam” built between 1962 and 1968 feeds, among others, the hydroelectric power stations of Villarodin-Bourget.
The engulfment of the priory by the waters led to the construction of a pyramid-shaped chapel around which one can walk in the alpine garden sheltering rare floral species.

The turquoise waters of the lake and the peaks rising to more than 3000m make this emblematic place of the history of Savoy, a must in the town of Val Cenis.

A living place with herds in alpine meadows (Beaufort AOP production area), farmers and producers, a traditional festival on the third Sunday of July, mountain bike routes, hiking, trail running (EDF Cenis Tour), refuges and restaurants.

To discover

around the lake

  • Lake of artificial type
  • Withholding of 315 million m36th largest artificial restraint in France
  • Altitude 2000m Fishing area 1st category, public domain: Brown trout and rainbow, Cristivomer, Arctic char
  • Road Pass open from May to November
  • Remains of the Fell Railway, the ladders of Napoleon …
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