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Val Cenis

Alpine exception

Between the Vanoise National Park and Italy, there is no doubt that you will find in Val Cenis, all the joys of a successful mountain holiday! When you spend your summer holiday in Val Cenis you get to explore 5 villages and a natural and cultural heritage of incomparable richness, and to discover every facet of the mountains through a whole host of activities.
Whatever time of year you come, every village will be hosting some kind of activity, festival, entertainment or a sporting or cultural event, such as the Transmaurienne, the Bellecombe cycle race, the EDF Cenis Tour, the Tango Festival, the World Song Festival, the Scrabble Festival, the Mont-Cenis Festival, the 15th August celebrations, the Termignon Fair, ANDIAMO, and various shows and concerts at the Laurent Gerra Auditorium.

Welcome to

Val Cenis

in Haute Maurienne Vanoise

The resort with a thousand faces

The mountain resort of Val Cenis is at just the right elevation to recharge your batteries and enjoy a breath of fresh air in a very natural environment at the bottom of the Mont Cenis pass. It is also a multi-faceted destination, sporty yet with a family spirit, authentic yet pioneering, relaxing yet lively, generous yet sincere.

Besides being a ski resort, since 1st January 2017, Val Cenis has also been a municipality which encompasses the old villages of Bramans, Sollières-Sardières, Termignon-la-Vanoise, Lanslebourg Mont-Cenis and Lanslevillard.

So in terms of surface area, Val Cenis is the second largest municipality in mainland France, after the city of Arles.

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Val Cenis also has a wealth of historic heritage (Saint Sébastien chapel, Chappe telegraph, archaeology museum, etc.) and some exceptional features such as the Mont Cenis plateau on the Italian border, or Bellecombe in the heart of the Vanoise National Park.

To discover

• The Mont-Cenis, its lake, at the gates of the Italian piedmont. It is accessible on foot, by bike, pedelec, mountain bike and of course by car.

• The Vanoise National Park and its eternal snows, its high peaks, its secret valleys, its chalets and many mountain refuges conducive to the return to nature and complete change of scenery. Many trails and hiking trails take you there.

• The Monolithe, a real geological curiosity is accessible by road or trails. It is also a high level climbing spot!

• Like a postcard Saint-Pierre d’Extravache, the oldest church in Maurienne, and Dent Parrachée, the highest peak overlooking the high valley, the glacial domes of the Vanoise …

Worth a visit:

Mont Cenis and the lake at the gateway to the Italian region of Piedmont. It can be reached on foot, by bike, E-bike or mountain bike, and of course by car.

Vanoise National Park features high summits that remain above the snowline all year round, and secret valleys sheltering chalets and mountain refuges, ideal for a return to the roots and a complete change of scene. Numerous footpaths and hiking trails will take you there.

The Monolithe, a true geological wonder, can be reached by road or via the footpaths. This site attracts top-level climbers!

Saint Pierre d’Extravache, a picture postcard and the oldest church of Maurienne, Dent Parrachée, the highest peak above this high valley, the glacial domes of Vanoise, etc.

Mountain passes and trails

Test your calf muscles on the slopes of the Mont-Cenis pass! If you are more into mountain biking, you’ll have plenty of choice between the green, blue, red and black trails!

Unique landscapes

Scenery to take your breath away, a sense of freedom and a return to the essentials. Enjoy a breath of fresh air, recharge your batteries and get your fill of vitamins and pure mountain air!


Alone or with your partner, family or friends, in Val Cenis you’ll find a huge range of accommodation – hotels, refuges, campsites and guestrooms – for your holiday in Haute Maurienne vanoise


Consult our brochures for more details about our resort and all the information you may need for your stay in Val Cenis.

Val Cenis

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