Fishing course in Bramans

in Val-Cenis

  • Tourist fishing in the Arc only, from the EDF outlet downstream of Val Cenis Bramans to the Lathoud gravel pit upstream, about 3.5km (see limit signs). Tickets on sale at the hotel "Les Glaciers" and at the campsite "Le Val d'Ambin".

  • Valid fishing license required and a valid vacationer's ticket to date.
    Maximum number of catches: 6 per day, minimum size 25 cm.
    Reminder: Fishermen practicing "no kill" fishing on the fishing route must respect the rules relating to this practice: barbless hooks, spoon with 1 single hook, unnatural baits and lures ... in order to ensure the survival of the fish.
  • Rates

    Day pass: 10 €
    Weekly card: 20 € (7 consecutive days)
    Monthly card: 70 €


  • From May 29, 2022 until August 29, 2022
    Opened Everyday
  • From August 30, 2022 until October 10, 2022
    Opened On Monday, On Wednesday, On Saturday, On Sunday
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