Church of Modane : Notre-Dame de l'Assomption

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  • The former church of Modane was destroyed during the Anglo-American bombing in the night of September 16th 1943. Only the bell tower remained. Its reconstruction took place between 1951 and 1954.

    Reconstruction as war damage began in 1951. Opening for worship May 27, 1954 and consecration on October 3, 1954.
    It was built in grey stones of the Praz, and reinterprets the typical mineral architecture with the porch of the churches of Haute Maurienne.
    Due to the climatic conditions, a porch has been built that allows access from the church square and via the external stairs from Gambetta Street. The main façade has 3 semicircular arches at the top of stone columns.
    The bell tower withstood the 1943 bombardment and was simply repointed to preserve it. On a stone on the north face, the date 1740 is engraved. The spire was rebuilt and the octagonal stone supporting the cross is engraved 1845 and P.A. Dompnier (priest of Modane from 1828 to 1855). The height in the south face is 42.40 m.

    Work by François GAGNEAU realized in 1956 (Surface of 130 m2) It represents the Virgin Mary taken to heaven body and soul and surrounded by a crowd of angels.

    You can recognize Modane's daily activities represented by the various trades of the 1950s, the beginning of tourism and leisure, and, at the heart of this life, the priest guiding his flock, helped by two vicars, then the people of the baptized with his nuns offering the parish church.
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