Comédie Les Egoïstes Anonymes

Comedy "The Anonymous Egoists" by Jérôme de Verdière

Cultural, Show, Theatre, Comedy in Val-Cenis

  • The anonymous selfish is a gallery of funny, nasty and wickedly funny characters. Written and directed by Jérôme de Verdière

  • Ten stories written and directed by Jérôme de Verdière, twenty characters played by Michel Frenna and Karine Dubernet, for laughs - finally! What, as Schopenhauer says, governs the world: selfishness!

    You will love them: they are arrogant, stingy, narrow-minded, capricious, angry, cruel, envious, rude, hypocritical, intolerant, jealous, cowardly, contemptuous, petty, liars, fearful, pretentious, grumped, vain... and above all they are selfish!
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  • On February 18, 2021 from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM
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