Alt. 1,960m


Gateway to Vanoise National Park

Closed to the north by the Aiguille Doran and the nearby Rateau d’Aussois, the Orgère valley, or “place where barley is grown” takes its name from the French word “orge” (barley).

It is not uncommon to see ibex on the Aiguille Doran mountainside, as well as marmots along the banks of the Povaret stream. Depending on the time of year, you may find yourself walking across an enormous carpet of flowers which include a host of remarkable species.

This walk has something for everyone, including families with pushchairs, enthusiasts wishing to explore the valley with a guide, and seasoned hikers aiming to cross the mountain passes.

The refuge is your departure point for a discovery of the Vanoise glaciers or to follow a section of the GR5 great hiking trail. It offers a warm welcome and all the information you’ll need for some beautiful hikes.

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