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New modern facilities for La Norma

The resort is getting a revamp for its 50th anniversary!

Two major projects are set to modernise the resort this autumn, with the delivery of a new 10-seat gondola for the Mélezet sector, and the creation of a “4 seasons” rail luge.

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Built in 1972, the Mélezet gondola was La Norma’s second ski lift. It is to be replaced in December 2022 by a brand new gondola lift.

On this occasion, the resort operators are putting the old gondolas up for auction!


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    A new gondola lift for the Mélezet sector

    After 50 years of loyal service, the existing lift is to make way for an ultra-modern system suitable for both winter and summer operation:


    New 10-seat gondolas that will be bright, modern and easier to access with skis in winter, or with a mountain bike in summer.

    • Greater accessibility, particularly for disabled people, with step-free access in both directions. No more flights of metallic steps!
    • A more efficient system with gondolas that travel at twice the speed

    The gondola lift’s new bottom station will bring soothing, purer lines to the heart of the resort and make it more welcoming. In terms of logistics, the snow-groomer garage, maintenance workshops, staff cloakrooms, etc., which until now have been located at the bottom of the gondola, will all be housed in a brand new building further away. This means the vehicles will no longer cross the resort centre, leaving more room for skiers and pedestrians, as well as cyclists in summer.

    You’ll be able to ride in the new gondolas as soon as the resort opens for the 22/23 winter season, on 10th December 2022.

    A new gondola lift that blends perfectly into the mountain environment


    With this brand new gondola lift, your resort is looking to the future. A future for which La Norma has of course adopted an eco-friendly approach. All works have been carried out only after impact assessments were made, particularly habitat inventories aimed at adapting the projects to accommodate existing wildlife and vegetation. This work was conducted by ecologists and landscapers with the support of specialists from the ONF (national forestry office) and the Vanoise National Park.

    The position of the replacement lift on the exact same trajectory means the existing forest openings can be re-used, hence avoiding additional levelling work to install the lift stations.

    Particular attention is also being paid to the landscaping aspects, with less visible pylons that blend discreetly into the surroundings. When in operation, the gondola lift will be powered entirely by electricity. A local and renewable energy source provided by the Haute Maurienne dams and the hydroelectric power stations in the valley, where the Villarodin power plant alone generates enough electricity to cover the consumption of 260,000 inhabitants.

    Your innovating resort is also installing a brand new “4 seasons” rail luge at the resort entrance.

    “An accessible and thrilling ride
    that’s lots of fun in any season!

    Prepare to ride on the new rail luges at La Norma, from 10th December 2022. Two-seater luges on rails. Make yourself comfortable, fasten your seatbelt and prepare for a 900-metre descent through the forest of La Norma, whizzing around 10 bends, including three 360° corkscrews, and across 6 bridges above the road!

    How will the construction of the new facilities affect your summer holiday in La Norma?

    The replacement of the Mélezet gondola lift and the installation of the “4 seasons” luge represent investments for the future of La Norma.  The work to install these facilities is planned from May to November 2022.

    For July and August, steps will be taken to ensure the work sites are as discreet as possible.

    Any noise generated by daytime work on the technical building for the Mélezet gondola lift will affect only the westernmost sector of the resort.

    In the resort centre, the area around the gondola lift bottom station will of course be fenced off and secured.

    As for the “4 seasons” rail luge, the construction of this new, amusing facility will have no impact on tourism in the resort this summer. However, the building of the bridges over the road will require the temporary installation of a contraflow system controlled by traffic lights on the D214 road leading to the resort.
    More importantly, all summer activities in La Norma (swimming lake, tennis courts, amusement park, riding ranch) will remain open for holidaymakers this summer.

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