Wide open spaces

With exceptional landscapes you won’t find anywhere else and wide open spaces that are protected and accessible, Haute Maurienne is just waiting to be discovered.
Here, no risk of being stepped on your towel!
Peace, silence, fresh air… It just feels good!

There is

so much beauty

look, breathe!

Open your eyes wide, breathe deeply and get moving

Haute Maurienne Vanoise offers you landscapes of exceptional beauty.

Whatever the altitude where you go, turn around and immerse yourself in this wild and preserved nature, from Thabor to l’Orgère, from the Plan d’Amont lakes to Lake Mont-Cenis or further on to Bellecombe, Avérole and Les Evettes, everywhere you will have this feeling of freedom and you can recharge your batteries.

This environment is a gift, let us respect it and take care of it!