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Cirque des Evettes

At the foot of the glaciers, between France and Italy, the Evettes circus is a must… grandiose! 1h45 of walking from Ecot, fresh air, views that you will not forget, so majestic is the setting.

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Look, breathe

calm and serenity

in altitude

A breathtaking panorama

The Evettes circus presents one of the most beautiful glacial places in the Alps. Located above Bonneval sur Arc, at the end of the Haute Maurienne valley, the summits that surround offer their southern slopes to neighbouring Italy.

Albaron (3638m), La Petite and Grande Ciamarella (3549m and 3676m), La Pointe de Bonneval (3321m) are peaks reserved for mountaineers but from the Evettes refuge at the foot of the glaciers, the walk is very accessible, even for families!

Plan the day for this trip that is worth a visit! You can get closer by car to the hamlet of l’Ecot (2027m), then take the path towards the Evettes refuge (2590m). The return is by the same route (variant by the gorges of the Reculaz).

Go to the hamlet of l’Ecot from Bonneval Tralenta:

  • By car: 3.6 km, narrow road with little visibility
  • By foot: 45 minutes by the path

then it takes less than two hours of hiking to the Evettes refuge.

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