Inhabited all year round

Our villages are inhabited all year round, and that changes everything!

Living here in the mountains

In Haute Maurienne Vanoise, the inhabitants are multifaceted: trackers, perchmen or ski instructors in winter, carpenters, machine operators or guides in summer, while farmers work all year round to care for their animals and have a second job in winter in the ski areas. This investment by each inhabitant gives Haute Maurienne Vanoise this extra soul: Haute Maurienne Vanoise has less than 10,000 inhabitants, with the two villages of Modane-Fourneaux and Val Cenis Lanslebourg-Val Cenis Lanslevillard accounting for half the population.

However, from Villard to Saint André to Ecot at the bottom of the valley, almost all the hamlets are inhabited all year round, for example, in summer, go hiking in Villaron in Bessans. At the end of the trail, you will discover a postcard image: stone houses with roofs covered with lauzes, inhabitants busy making hay so that the animals have something to eat in winter! Because even there, in this magical place far from the world, people live all year round.

An attachment to its hamlet, its village, its valley, which makes each inhabitant a true ambassador of Haute Maurienne Vanoise, where holidaymakers are welcomed by professionals who can reveal the secrets of each village, each valley or each trail. It is not uncommon to have the opportunity to perceive slices of life or to be told the legends and history of this high valley. Valfréjus, La Norma, Aussois, Val Cenis, Bessans, Bonneval sur Arc: sharing as a heritage and welcoming all year round.

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