Between France and Italy

Running between the Italian border on its eastern side and the Parc National de la Vanoise to the west, the Haute Maurienne valley has always been a route of passage between the two countries.

A valley


in Piémont

Once a high valley of the kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia

Haute Maurienne was annexed to France in 1860. There are still strong ties of friendship, including twinnings with our Italian neighbours (Bramans with Giglione, Modane with Bardonecchia) and various events at the top of our mountain passes and peaks.

The Fréjus road and railway tunnels allow year-round access, but don’t forget to take the Mont-Cenis pass (road built by Emperor Napoleon which reaches an elevation of 2,000 metres) and to visit the Maison Franco-Italienne (French-Italian centre) to get a feel for this outstanding historical context!

From the Vallée Etroite Pass in Valfréjus to the Carro Pass in Bonneval sur Arc, the border with Italy extends to all the peaks. There are many trails at the bottom of adjacent valleys that will take you from France to Italy without even noticing it!