Friday, July 26, 2019

Tour de France 2019 ‑ Stage19

Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne/Tignes, le Tour de France 2019 go to the summit(s)
2 days before the "Champs-Élysées" Paris

The Tour de France

offers Haute Maurienne Vanoise

On the way to Iseran!


It’s official, the Tour de France is back in Haute Maurienne Vanoise.

On Friday, July 26th, 2019, after a departure from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, stage 19 of 123km long high-flying mountain will cross all Haute Maurienne Vanoise with a mythical passage by the Col de l’Iseran at 2770m which will be the culmination of this event before a finish in Tignes.

The 2019 Tour de France from Brussels to Paris, flying in ten figures!

0: They had scared the peloton in 2017 (21.7 km in fifteen sectors borrowed from the “Queen of classics”), there will be no paving stones in 2019. But the Tour in its envy of diversity will replant in the future.

3: The unpublished cities of the route: Binche, Belgium, with its carnival as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity; Saint-Dié-des-Vosges and Pont du Gard.

11: Brussels, part of the Grand Départ (for the second time after 1958) will host the Tour for the eleventh time and will be the scene of the 23rd Grand Departure from abroad (since Amsterdam in 1954).


24: The percentages of an unpublished passage (100 m) on the final climb of La Planche des Belles Daughters.

50: 50th anniversary of the first of five victories on Eddy Merckx’s Tour. In 1969, the Belgian had preceded Pingeon (at 17’54 ”) and Poulidor (at 22’13 ”). It will still be sacred in 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1974.

55: The kilometers of the time trial: 28 in team time and 27 in the individual time trial.

100: The Tour will celebrate this year the 100 years of the yellow jersey, whose first carrier was Eugene Christophe on July 19, 1919.

106: It will be, in July, the 106th edition of the Tour de France

117: 117 km for the shortest stage (there is one at 123 km and one at 131 km, four stages within 150 km). The longest stage will be from Belfort to Chalons-sur-Saône: 230 km. “It will pass through Ornans, the day after the Planche des Belles Daughters and just before another selective stage in the Massif Central, the birthplace of Gustave Courbet, the year of the bi-centenary of his birth, I fear the worst on this that they can do seen helicopter to celebrate the man who painted “the origin of the world,” smiles Christian Prudhomme (Director of the Tour de France).

2.770: The roof of the Tour. The Iseran pass. Rarely visited by Le Tour. This will be the 8th crossing only (the first since 2007); the second in this direction on the South side (the first time was in 1963), on the Maurienne side, the hardest. Before switching to Tarantaise.

(Source : Jean-Julien Ezvan pour

the step in detail!

The 123 km stage will pass by a giant of the Alps: the Iseran pass. The highest road pass in the Alps, the Tour de France had not visited it since 2007.

The climb will be made by its hardest slope, from the Maurienne valley, with a slope of 13 km to 7.5% average, before a final finish in Tignes.


Step by step


• Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne  – 586 m
• Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne  – 702 m
• Modane  – 1 057 m
• Montée d’Aussois  – 1 467 m
• Lanslbourg-Mont-Cenis – 1 401 m
• Col de la Madeleine  – 1 746 m
• Bonneaval-sur-Arc – 1 791 m
• Col de l’Iseran  – 2 770 m
• Val-D’Isère – 1 861 m
• Tignes les Brévières – 1 557 m
• Montée de Tignes – 2 089 m
• Tignes – 2 113 m


The caravan will pass between 12h30 (Modane) and 14h (Bonneval) and the runners will follow a little less than 2h00 later.


85 Km – 2770 m – 12.9 Km climb to 7,5% – Category NC

Iseran: myth and mysteries. Louison Bobet, first triple winner of the Great Loop, forced to retire in 1959, has solemnly closed his career there. Contributing to the legend of a place rarely visited by the Tour. Inaugurated in 1937, the neck quickly appears on the map of the Great Loop (1938 and 1939 with, this year, a time trial) but only five times since (the last time in 2007, the Ukrainian Yaroslav Popovych was in the lead). On July 26, it will be only the second passage in this direction, South side (the first time, it was in 1963), on the Maurienne side, the hardest. Before switching to Tarentaise.

Christian Prudhomme (president of the tour) details the mounted piece: “The myth is often born of scarcity (in 1996, the passage of the peloton was canceled because of snow and wind). But there is also its altitude, the landscapes. We advance in a landscape of high mountains. The rise of the Iseran from Bonneval-sur-Arc is almost as if you had L’Alpe d’Huez to cross, while you are already at 1,800 m. It is practically the same distance (13 km), it is practically the same slopes. The average slope is slightly lower (7.5%), but because there are two slopes but there are also very steep slopes and I think in particular a long straight at 10% which will be very wrong, knowing that we are at 2,500, 2,600 m, to reach 2,770 “.

(Source : Jean-Julien Ezvan pour




121 Km – 2089 m – 7.5 Km climb to 7% Category NC



Twelve years after the last tour of the Tour, in 2007, lovers of the Little Queen will vibrate again in unison with the best riders on the planet at the time of attacking the rise of Tignes and its 7% (on average).

A day that promises to be festive and friendly, just like this unmissable international cycling event.


Schedules of passage


To browse traveled Checkpoint Caravan 36 km/h 34 km/h 32 km/h
125,5 Kms 0 Km Saint-Jean de Maurienne 11:45 13:45 13:45 13:45
115 Kms 10,5 Km Saint-Michel de Maurienne 12:11 14:10 14:11 14:11
100,5 Kms 25 Km Bas de la côte de saint-André 12:37 14:33 14:35 14:37
100 Kms 25,5 Km Saint-André 12:38 14:34 14:35 14:37
98,5 Kms 27 Km Le Freney 12:39 14:35 14:37 14:39
97 Kms 28,5 Km Fourneaux 12:41 14:37 17:39 14:41
96 Kms 29,5 Km Modane 12:43 14:38 14:40 14:43
92 Kms 33,5 Km Le Bourget (Rocher des amoureux) 12:51 14:45 14:48 14:51
87,5 Kms 38 Km Aussois 13:05 14:57 15:01 15:05
83 Kms 42,5 Km Val Cenis Sardières 13:11 15:03 15:07 15:11
78,5 Kms 47 Km Val Cenis Sollières 13:17 15:08 15:12 15:17
76,5 Kms 49 Km Val Cenis Termignon 13:20 15:11 15:15 15:20
71 Kms 54,5 Km Val Cenis Lanslebourg 13:29 15:19 15:24 15:29
68,5 Kms 57 Km Val Cenis Lanslevillard 13:33 15:22 15:27 15:33
63,5 Kms 62 Km Col de la Madeleine 13:44 15:32 15:38 15:44
58 Kms 67,5 Km Bessans (Sprint au Carreley) 13:54 15:41 15:47 15:54
51 Kms 74,5 Km Bonneval-Sur-Arc 14:06 15:52 15:59 16:06
38 Kms 87,5 Km Col de l’Iseran 14:45 16:24 16:34 16:45
2 Kms 123,5 Km Montée de Tignes 15:45 17:18 17:30 17:45
0 Kms 125,5 Km Tignes 15:48 17:21 17:33 17:48


The appointments on …



From 11h to 17h00, Les Mottets car park – Village animation: Fun activities around the bike; Batuccada; Local products…
From 18h to 22h30, on the Place du village – Aperitif concert: Buvette, animation …


From 12h to 16h30, in front of the village church – Corner relay stage of the Tour de France.


Toute la journée, à proximité de l’Espace Sportif Le Carreley – Sprint intermédiaire & Exposants, animations….

Val Cenis Lanslebourg


On the fly over the cameras, be actors of a giant scenography in the colors of the territory.

At the heart of the event, admire or join * Ambassadors Savoie Mont-Blanc for the creation of a TIFO GÉANT (flag) at the Pont des Chèvres.

At 10am (rehearsals), auditorium place (Breakfast and lunch offered) – Big anim fresco – Savoie Mont-Blanc – Haute Maurienne.
From 10h to 16h30, in the auditorium square – Retransmission of the stage on GÉANT screen; Quiz and games: goodies to win …; Local products and many other surprises to discover!

* Subject to availability

Val Cenis Lanslevillard

Join the participants of the TRANSMAURIENNE VANOISE (mountain bike race) and live a strong afternoon in animations.

Afternoon, STRONG weather, GEANT screen and CONCERT evening

Near the boowling and the ski lifts:
From 9h to 12h30 – Mountain bike stage
From 12:45 – village animation & show
From 18h – Concert evening & closing of the Transmaurienne Vanoise mountain bike event
6.30 pm – Blackstage Concert
8 pm – Transmaurienne Vanoise Awards ceremony
9pm – Dust Ball Concert
23h – Fireworks

Bonneval sur Arc

All day, at the Big House in the old village – Retransmission of the stage
From 13h to 17h30, under the chalet in the center of the village – Activities for children (nature bike course, laser rifle shooting, …), stands of the Vanoise National Park & Tourist Office info.

At the Col de l’Iseran, refreshments held by the village associations.

Col de l’Iseran

• Before 11am, from Bonneval sur Arc – Possibility of climbing to the Iseran pass by Shuttle *.
(Attention, plan the descent on foot because the passage of the return shuttle remains under subject).
• Ascent possible on foot.
(Please refer to the trail map)

/!\ Beware of cool temperatures and high winds.
/!\ Prohibition of parking in a motorized vehicle on the Iseran Pass road.
/!\ No gift distributed by the caravan on the road to Col de l’Iseran.

* Pay shuttle.

Times of passage, animations by village … Find all this information and much more in our guide “special Tour de France 2019” in HMV!


Parc of the Vanoise

See you in Wonderland!

Welcome to the 1st French National Park

You enter a protected area, exceptional for its biodiversity, its heritage and the beauty of its landscapes.

A rich fauna and flora, a great diversity of natural environments, a remarkable built heritage and a living agriculture participate, among many others, in the wealth of this territory.

To discover it, walk, stroll, photograph, listen, observe … the Park authorizes a thousand and one activities, provided to follow the “Park attitude” and the regulation essential to the preservation of this fragile environment.

On July 26, come meet the guards who will tell you the Park, in the climb to the Iseran pass or Bonneval sur Arc and Val Cenis.



Do not miss !