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From 28th July to 2nd August 2019

Cultural week Aussois

49th edition
Rendez-vous for the

49th Edition

of the Aussois Cultural week

“Meeting between people from here and elsewhere… Meeting between man and nature”

49 years ago during the first cultural week, this slogan was innovative and the approach revealed a state of mind of young people in the region.

In a village that was resolutely turning towards tourism, it was important to introduce the many summer holidaymakers to the different facets of the region in which they came, but it was just as important to share with them what the inhabitants of this village were: their way of life, their traditions, their hopes for the future…

It is this idea that continues a few decades later to inspire the cultural week during meetings, hikes, visits, shows, conferences, concerts…

The programme of the

Cultural week

from 28th July to 2nd August 2019

Sunday July 28th

16:00 Welcome hike
RDV Fort Marie-Christine – All public – Free
Tips: Walking shoes

17h30 Opening show of the Cultural Week
Dance with the children of the Aussois Folklore Group “Lo Z’Oérin”
On the village square

18:00 Welcome drink
With presentation of the different activities and the programme of the 49th Cultural Week.
On the village square

20h45 Conference: Costumes stories
From and with Jean-Charles VAYR on traditional Savoyard costumes and presentation of the exhibition located on the 1st floor of the nursery school.
Behind Jean-Charles Vayr’s big smile and good humour lies a lover of traditional Savoyard costumes. In his warehouse he keeps the original parts he has been collecting for 35 years now. This collector from the heart shares, with all those interested in the cultural heritage of Savoie, the history of the region.
of every piece of fabric or ribbon…of every hat or dress.
Feel free to come and meet him at the exhibition site to share the wonderful stories of Savoyard costumes.
Salle des fêtes – All public – Free

Monday, July 29th

All week long from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm Exhibition “La Savoie à travers ses costumes”
Traditional costumes are in a way the identity card of a village, a valley. Following the abolition of privileges after the revolution, the “people” were allowed to embellish their clothes. The daytime or festive costume will become part of daily life and remains a witness to the villagers’ attachment to their traditions. The exhibition presents about twenty costumes from Beaufortain, Tarentaise and Maurienne worn between the 19th and 20th centuries.
Come and meet Jean-Charles at the exhibition site to share the wonderful stories of the costumes of Savoie.
1st floor of the nursery school – All public – Free

9:00 am: Family hike (child from 8 years old) Le Tour du Barrage Plan d’Amont
With a mountain guide and in partnership with the Vanoise National Park. A family hike, to discover the different wonders of the mountain (landscape, fauna, flora……) and share some good moments of conviviality.
Height difference: + 300m / – 300m. Walking time: 5 hours – Car to the roadblocks. Possible carpooling – Limited to 30 participants – All public – Free – Picnic provision. Meet at the Maison d’Aussois for the departure.

16h00-18h00 Discovery of traditional objects
With Pierre Giordano. On the village square – All public – Free

14h00-17h00 Oé La grande lye
Create a giant fresco – draw me nature.
Open to people with disabilities. On the village square – All public – Free of charge (If bad weather, go to the salle des fêtes)

20h45 The effects of climate change
Conference with Christophe CHAIX, geographer-climatologist, head of the Savoyard Observatory on Climate Change, expert on climate change in mountains and adaptation measures at the Alpine Agency of the Territories.
The effects of climate change on the Alps are ongoing: glaciers, snow, water, biodiversity, natural hazards, human activities, all these entities of the territory are now evolving at the rate of warming temperatures. What are the concrete manifestations of this on the ground? What transformations await the Alps in the near and distant future, and what can be done to make societies adapt?
Christophe Chaix, proposes to share and discuss with you the latest results of alpine research and studies in order to try to answer all these questions.
Salle des fêtes – All public – Free of charge

Tuesday, July 30th

9h30-12h00 Visit of the 2nd safety tube of the Fréjus tunnel
To improve tunnel safety, (European directive of 2004) the construction of a second tube was started at the end of 2009, in order to create emergency shelters with a maximum spacing of 500 m. The objective is to increase from 11 to 34 shelters. This second tube will be opened to single-track traffic from Italy to France in 2021, and the current tunnel, opened in July 1980, will be operated with a single track from France to Italy.
The visit will address safety issues and the complexity of the site. On-site intervention for the reconstruction of the Charmaix viaduct.
Rendez-vous Maison d’Aussois – All public – Free – By car to the Tunnel du Fréjus – Possible car hire.

10:00-12:00 Open doors at the Museum L’Arche d’Oé
All public – Free of charge

14h00 -16h30 : Land Art Hiking
Reserved primarily for children. During a hike in the heart of nature, children will collect all kinds of materials (wood, earth, stones, sand, grass, flowers, moss…) in order to create an ephemeral artwork outside to keep in a photo or video.
Rendez-vous at Maison d’Aussois. Height difference: + 150m / – 150m. Walking time 2 hours. Free of charge. Taste for the 60th anniversary of the resort offered.

18h15 Children’s show “Tournicoté”
Show for children
On the village square – All public – Free

20h45 Le Dernier Vermouth – Film
This short film of “horrific comedy” takes place in 1998, just before the World Cup and the arrival of the year 2000 and its technological upheavals announced. It is the story of an unshakeable friendship between 3 Savoyard peasants, a little independentist and long-time friends, who meet to celebrate the retirement of one of them.
Having drunk more than reason they return to the village to refuel and discover that the dead come back to life and attack the living! ! Confronted with the worst that can happen: “the end of the world… just that”…. They decide to unite with an old priest to survive and will eventually discover a part of themselves that they may have forgotten or that the alcohol had almost completely diluted.
Debates after the screening of the film in the presence of the Aguesse brothers.
Salle des fêtes – All Public – Free

Wednesday, July 31st

9h30 – 16h30 Discovery of culinary and medicinal plants
A short walk in the forest or in the pastures for a fun and non botanical observation of the plants of our mountains. Know their virtues, their benefits and the different ways to use them in cooking or for healing. Hiking followed by a small snack made with local products.
Height difference + 200m / – 200m. walking time: 4h/4h30. Taste offered.
Rendez-vous at Maison d’Aussois. All public – Free of charge

14h00-17h00 Demonstration of wood carving
with Yves Couvert. On the village square – All public – Free

20h45 Where do the Alps come from?
A great journey through time and space, through the climates of the past!
By Yves Siméon and Gilles de Broucker: geological introduction conference for all, to better understand the Alpine massif and the Vanoise: the formation of landscapes, the beautiful stories of the seas, oceans, old mountain ranges that the stones of these two massifs tell.
Salle des fêtes – All Public – Free

Thursday, August 1st

8:30 am Geobalad
After travelling the world in search of oil, Gilles de Broucker, a passionate geologist, has been trying for more than ten years to transmit the virus for this discipline, from Beaufortain where he lives to Vanoise.
Organizer of the Geofestival since 2011, with equally passionate scientific colleagues, he continues to share with the greatest number of people the stories of rocks and the formation of alpine landscapes.
Think about it: a stone picked up by the side of the road has never formed where you find it today! It tells a whole story! By explaining the alpine landscapes of the upper Maurienne valley from Aussois to Bonneval sur Arc, we will tell you these stories of stones, from 500 million years ago to today!
Rendez-vous at Maison d’Aussois. All public – Free – Plan a picnic.

20h45 Concert Orgues Jean Soulier
at Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Church. All audiences – Free admission

Friday, August 2nd

7:00 a. m. “Objective 3,000” hike
Le Signal du Petit Mont-Cenis (3162m) via the Col de Sollières. A very beautiful summit between Mont Froid
and the Mont Cenis plateau. Exceptional panoramic view of the Maurienne valley, the Vanoise massif, the summits of Haute Maurienne and the Alps Grées.
Good level of walking. Edge passes.
Height difference + 1 150m / – 1 150m. Walking time: 6h30/7h
Rendez-vous at 7am at Maison d’Aussois. Picnic lunch – co valet parking possible – Free of charge

21h00 Concert Cilcé
In the village square (salle des fêtes if the weather is bad). All public – Free of charge



for mountain outings

For day hikes: bring a good pair of walking shoes, backpack, drink, picnic, sun protection, protection against cold and rain… Specific conditions for the “objective 3000” output.

The hikes are supervised by a state-certified mountain guide.


Contact: Tourist Office – +33 (0)4 79 20 30 80 and +33 (0)4 79 20 31 50




not to be missed!