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Getting around Haute Maurienne Vanoise

It’s going to be very easy for you to get around Haute Maurienne Vanoise with our bus transportation network.
Paying and/or free of charge, shuttles are available to take them to the villages and resorts in the valley.

Getting around
in HMV

From or to Modane SNCF station

The Haute Maurienne Vanoise transport network is structured around two main lines :
– The line S52 Modane – Val Cenis Lanslebourg via Aussois
– The lineS53 Modane – Bonneval sur Arc.

These lines take you to discover the Haute Maurienne Vanoise and its villages. They serve the “transversal” lines that allow you to access the resorts and the many exceptional sites of our territory.

They are usually in connection, be attentive!

Present yourself at the stop 5 minutes before the indicated time.

⚠ For these 2 lines, we strongly advise you to buy your ticket in advance, especially if you travel on Saturday. This will allow you to reserve your seat.

    Permanent Lines

    The lines below run continuously during the summer season (refer to the timetables in the mobility guide).
    S52 : Modane – Val Cenis Lanslebourg
    S53 : Modane – Bonneval sur Arc
    line 4: Val Cenis Bramans – Val Cenis Termignon – Bellecombe – Entre- Deux-Eaux
    line 5: Bessans – Avérole
    line 7: Bonneval – L’Écot

    Together, to take it easy…

    You’re in the mountains. In difficult traffic conditions, lines may be delayed. We do our best to provide you with the best service, but we also count on your cooperation!

    – To improve the flow of traffic, prepare your change or your ticket before getting on
    – Transfer passengers, be careful: the return trip at the end of the day is often very popular!

    An “on-demand”

    transportation network.

    The routes below are triggered only by reservation*:

    1: Valfréjus – Modane
    2: La Norma – Modane
    3: L’orgère – Modane
    6: Bonneval sur Arc – Pont de L’oulietta

    * They are identified on the map and mobility guide by the symbol ✆.

    I reserve my seat!

    To trigger this “on demand” transportation service,
    All you need to do is call no later than 5:00 p.m. the day before.
    or to book directly on the internet.
    Picto Telephone

    By phone

    04 79 05 99 06

    Picto Pc Tab

    Directly online

    I book my transportation

    Pictos Velo

    Bike Transportation

    The S52 and S53 lines are equipped to carry bicycles, at no extra charge (including electrically assisted). The symbol 🚲 “Bicycle” is indicated ( 🚲8 = 8 bikes maximum, 🚲20 = 20 bikes maximum). One electrically assisted bicycle (EAB) occupies 2 spaces. Bike transportation on S52 and S53 is not always possible, see by schedule on each period.

    Reservation is strongly advised via the Tourist Office, the day before, before 5:00 pm.

    ⚠ Bikes are placed under the responsibility of their owner. The placement of bikes on the bike racks is to be done by their owners.

    Bonneval sur Arc: access by bus to the hamlet of Ecot

    Bonneval sur Arc <-> L’Ecot

    L’Ecot, the hamlet of Bonneval sur Arc, is a must-see in Haute Maurienne Vanoise. Houses with lauze roofs, chapel, view on the glaciers… L’Ecot has everything of the postcard. That’s why the hamlet was chosen to be Sebastien’s village for the movies “Belle et Sebastien”. It is also the starting point for many hikes to the Cirque des Evettes, the Grand Méan glacier, the Carro refuge…

    The site is now very busy in summer. The access, then the parking, to the hamlet of Ecot has therefore been rethought.
    In order to regulate attendance and organize parking, a shuttle (line 7) was set up between the village of Bonneval sur Arc and the hamlet of Ecot from July 10 to August 20 every day except Saturday.
    Access to the Ecot hamlet by private car is still possible*, but parking is now charged.

    No bike transportation
    Dogs are not allowed

    *Vehicle access subject to availability.

    Ecot parking access rates

    • Fee for 1 hour: 1€ (i.e. 0,25€/15 minutes).
    • Day rate (from 7 to 28 hours) : 7,00€
    • Long term parking(Beyond 28 hours), see rates directly on site.
      (Example: 30€ for 4 days of parking).

    Find all the info on the mobility guide.

    Mobility Guide

    Mobility Guide

    Find the entire lines, their schedules and fares in our Network Mobility Guide & Transportation in HMV.

    and conditions
    of sale

    Single Ticket

    Single ticket prices depend on your destination. Find all of these fares on the mobility guide, on : vente-bellesavoieexpress.fr or in the offices of the Tourist Office.

    Ticket by booklet or Pass

    On the 1, 2 and 3 lines (all circulation days) and the S52, S53 (excluding Saturdays), it is possible to benefit from reduced fares thanks to the Haute Maurienne Vanoise Community of Communes’ transport tickets :

    • The booklet of 10 tickets at 15 €
    • The week pass at 10 € (nominative)
    • The season pass for 25 € (nominative)

    These passes are sold in the various tourist offices, at the canton house or at some partner accommodation providers.

    Holders of the HMV Liberté 2022/2023 activity pass

    Enjoy a preferential rate at 12€ / book of 10 tickets, in the Tourist Offices.

    Holders of the HMV 2022/2023 annual pass

    You can present your pass with the 2022/2023 season badge to access vehicles on the S52 and S53 off Saturday and lines 1, 2, 3, 5 daily.

    HMV passes (books of 10 tickets, Mobility Pass) are valid on the following lines:
    • S52 ► Off Saturday
    • S53 ► Off Saturday
    • Line 1 ► Every day
    • Line 2 ► Every day
    • Line 3 ► Every day

    Title of Payment

    • Cash on all lines.
    • By credit card only on lines S52 and S53 only from July 02 to August 27.

    Many areas of the territory do not offer network coverage, so we are not able to offer card payment on all lines.

    Books of 10 tickets are non-nominal. A ticket is required for each boarding of a different vehicle on the S52, S53, and the 1, 2, and 3 lines.

    ⚠ Every rider must have a valid ticket. In the event of a checkpoint, he/she may be asked to prove his/her identity. The transportation service is paid for by all. Each time a user boards a vehicle, he or she must pay a fare. If this user takes a second vehicle in connection, a second ticket will be required.

    Transportation Regulations

    People with limited mobility

    The S52 and S53 routes are accessible to persons with reduced mobility, every day by reservation the day before by 12:00 p.m. at 09 70 83 90 73.
    On-demand transportation services on the 1, 2, 3 and S52, S53 routes are also accessible to people with reduced mobility.
    The details are indicated at the time of booking. Same booking procedures as indicated on the respective line pages.


    • Children under 5 years of age must be accompanied. For safety reasons, they may not remain in strollers.


    The groups up to 10 people are accepted on S52 and S53 only by reservation the day before before 12:00 pm by internet or in the Tourist Office.

    Groups of up to 5 people are accepted on the 1, 2 and 3 lines only upon reservation the day before before 12:00 pm by internet or at the Tourist Office.


    • Guide dogs are accepted without restriction.
    • Dogs in baskets travel free.
    • Owners of dogs outside of baskets must pay a fare.
    • Dogs out of basket must be muzzled and leashed.

    ⚠ For dog access requirements, please refer to the “ℹ Info” section of the corresponding line

    Picto Information2

    Need more information?
    Go to


    by phone at

    09 70 83 90 73
    (call not surcharged)

    or directly in one of our

    Tourist Office offices.

    Your electric charging stations

    Electric bikes, electric-assisted mountain bikes, electric cars, motorcycles: charging stations are available throughout the Haute Maurienne Vanoise territory. You will be able to recharge your vehicle to serenely enjoy the trails on an AE mountain bike, or the Grandes Alpes Route on electric cars and motorcycles.

    Guide to electric charging stations

    Cabs & VTC

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